Wrap Around Braid

Looking for a braided hairstyle that wraps around the head. These gorgeous braided looks start with a crown braid and continue around the back of the head. Check out these pictures of wrap around braids for some braided hairstyle inspiration! This gorgeous look works with inside out and French braiding techniques.

Dutch braid

The look is easy to do yourself and looks great with a French or inside out braid.  Pick one side of the forehead to start from, keeping in mind that the hairstyle will wrap around to other side. Begin braiding as usual with the French or Dutch technique.

wrap around braid

Keep braiding around the head until you reach the back of your neck. Your hands will feel awkward at this point. Pause braiding, hold the braid in one hand, and switch hands. Continue braiding with your head bent down. Keep going until you run out of hair and tie the end of the braid. Tuck ends under the braid and secure with bobby pins.



braided updo2

Braided hairstyles look great worn loose and messy and especially with wavy hair. For a more casual look, or while you’re practicing this wrap around braid, wear this hairstyle sexily tousled!

braided hairstyle

Rather than taking care to conceal ends, this braided updo lets curly hair loose. There are so many different ways to wear braided hairstyles! Check out these double braid and diagonal crown braid pictures for more braided updos.