Best Bangs for All Face Shapes – Wispy Bangs

Wispy bangs are a universally flattering hairstyle. This easygoing look is simple to maintain and gives lots of styling options. There are few hairstyles that suit all face shapes but wispy bangs fit the bill. They balance all features – soften angles, reduce length, and elongate round faces. Check out these wispy bang pictures to find the best look for your hair length and face shape!

Wispy bangs are a flattering option for medium hairstyles. This chin length bob is chic and sophisticated. Wispy bangs worn to the side soften the look. The feathery bangs can also be worn straight forward for a playful and casual look.

Wispy bangs balance and complement full and long hairstyles. Bangs are a short layer in the midst of this long layered hairstyle. Wispy bangs can be worn across the forehead or tucked into longer layers for a no bangs look.



For thick hair, thin and textured wispy bangs are the perfect balance between straight across bangs and no bangs. These bangs are super cute worn straight over the forehead, falling just beyond eyebrow length. For more formal or professional looks, smooth bangs to the side.

Make the most of your gorgeous thick hair with a layered hairstyle. Layers add bounce and swing to high volume locks.  Instead of bangs, these haircuts use chin length layers to frame the face. If you have extra thick hair, you may need bulk removed with thinning shears. Now, check…
Chin length bangs are perfect with layered hairstyles. A great strategy is to cut bangs or layers in the fall. Let them grow for the rest of the year so they are long in the summer. The bangs will long enough to be manageable and frizz free for summer hairstyles. Chin…