Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair With Veil

To find the best wedding hairstyles for long hair with veil, you can start by choosing the veil or the hairstyle. Of course, before that you need to find your wedding dress! There are several different ways to style long hair with a veil so check out these wedding hairstyle pictures to find a bridal hairstyle works for your style and hair.

Half up wedding hair with a veil is an attractive and easy to wear bridal hairstyle. Hair worn down with lots of curls is soft romantic while the half updo provides a place to tuck the veil into. Here, hair is loosely pulled up at the crown with some flattering height. The rest of the hair cascades down in loose waves underneath the detailed finger tip length veil.


Another gorgeous look is wedding hairstyles for long hair down with veil. This demure bridal hairstyle is worn down with cascading ringlets all over. The veil is pinned up high at the back of the head. For more details, check out how to wear a veil with wedding hair down. A hot tip for choosing your veil is that the dress or veil should be fancy – here a lacy veil is paired with a simple dress.

Why not wear your hot blunt cut bangs for your wedding?! Simple half up wedding hairstyles with veil focus all the attention on your face and dress. This sweet bridal look concentrates the details on the beaded bodice and ornamented veil edges. If you’re going for a half up or hair down bridal hairstyle, get a trim just before the big day so your hair is in the best shape possible.