Wavy Shoulder Length Hair


A shoulder length cut can make the most of naturally wavy hair. This length is just right because it holds curl better than longer hair, which can weigh curls down, while shorter hair can tend to pouf with up. Even better, these layered looks are gorgeous and easy to maintain. Check out these pictures of curly and wavy shoulder length hairstyles!

Shoulder Length Wavy Haircuts

This shoulder length and feathered haircut accentuates natural wave with long layers. The look is easy to style too. If using a blow dryer, use the diffuser and flip your hair upside down. Only dry hair to 85% dry without touching hair too much. Touching hair frequently while drying adds frizz.


Shoulder Legnth Wavy Hairstyles

Air dry hair the rest of the way, or alternatively let hair completely air dry. Work a curl boosting product like  Oribe Curl Shaping Mousse or Suave Captivating Curls Mousse through damp hair with fingers and just let it dry. 

shoulder length hair1

Wavy hair doesn’t mean you can’t have bangs! Especially for thick hair, this is a beautiful option. Bangs can dry weird for every hair type so just blast them with a hair dryer for a minute out of the shower and finish with a lightweight product to keep them in place. We like Got2B Glossy Shine Serum and Aveeno Nourish+Style Smoothing Crème.