Wavy Hair Hairstyles

Long wavy hair is sexy and is a powerful look for women. Get the latest wavy hair hairstyles and new wavy hair looks right here!

3 Medium Length Haircuts for Wavy Hair


  Like any hair type, there are pros and cons of having naturally wavy locks. Humidity may not be your best friend…but hey, you’ve got totally gorgeous texture all year round! When it comes to finding the perfect cut to compliment your hair type, lose a bit of length. Need a little inspiration? These 3 medium length haircuts for wavy hair will help you look your very best. One great medium length haircut? The long bob, aka the ... Get the hairstyle!

How to blow dry short wavy hair?


  How do I blow dry short wavy hair? I don't want to make it straight but make use of my natural waves. Something like this picture would be great! Thanks for all the advice, Isabelle! - Sharn  Hi Sharn, What you are describing is actually one of my favorite blow dries. Why? It is incredibly creative, and it takes five minutes tops. The first thing you need to figure out is which product you need. The way to determine ... Get the hairstyle!

2014 Hair Trends: Wavy Hairstyles


  From defined vintage waves to luscious ringlets, curled hair will always be in style. This year's update dresses up the recent beachy waves trend and gives you that gorgeous mermaid hair Disney always promised. All the celebrities are already rocking wavy hairstyles on the red carpet, including the always fashion forward Leighton Meester.   There's not just one way to get this fabulous look! There are multiple techniques, ... Get the hairstyle!

Long Wavy Hairstyles: 3 Ways


Wavy hair is so versatile. No wonder it continues to be such a popular hairstyle choice! It can look romantic and soft, sexy and bold, or fun and flirty…it all depends on how you style it. Get in on this trendy and let your personality shine with one of these long wavy hairstyles: 3 ways! Your hair will thank you. There’s nothing like long, romantic waves to make your hair look super gorgeous and soft. Romantic waves are the perfect ... Get the hairstyle!

Celebrity Hairstyle Trends 2014: Tousled Waves!


Ready for one of the latest celebrity hairstyle trends for 2014 as seen on magazines, the red carpet, and silver screen? It's gorgeous, tousled waves. Not the salty, beachy kind but soft and seductive. Check out how Leighton Meester rocks the look. Those so last year waves were all about salt spray for a spent-the-day-at-the-beach look. The 2014 update is just as pretty but so much more touchable, not to mention perfect for any season, ... Get the hairstyle!

Easy Hairstyles for Wavy Hair: Air Dried Waves!

Easy Hairstyles for Wavy Hair-

For anyone with some natural wave to hair, this is the style for you! An updated version of last year's beachy waves, this look is low effort-high reward, perfect for busy mornings before school and work or lazy weekends! Here's how to get the look. Out of the shower, gently scrunch water out of hair with an old t-shirt or microfiber towel. This helps eliminate frizz, especially for wavy or curly hair. Part hair and detangle hair with a ... Get the hairstyle!

10 Hot Wavy Long Hair Pictures


Want to update your wavy hair? Check out these 10 hot wavy long hair pictures! Keep reading below the gallery for the 3 must have products for long wavy hair.   There are a few products every wavy haired gal should have in her arsenal. First and foremost is a wide-toothed comb. A regular brush can cause breakages and split ends while widely spaced teeth gently separate each curl. Frizz is the enemy smooth, sultry waves. Dry ... Get the hairstyle!

Get Beachy Waves


Get ready to hit the beach - or at least look like you have! If you want to look great without trying too hard, than beachy waves are the answer. This hairstyle is laid-back, relaxed, and beautiful. Since this style is so simple to create, your hair will look perfectly wavyin no time. Best of all, there are tons of easy ways to get beachy waves! The easiest ways to achieve sexy beachy waves are by using products, with heat tools, or by ... Get the hairstyle!

Long Wavy Hairstyles


Whether you're lucky enough to have naturally wavy hair or if you're able to successfully enhance it yourself, there is a world of endless possibilities that comes with the luxury of having long wavy tresses! The truly great part about having long wavy hair is that there are many ways to wear it. You can always pull off a more bohemian casual look or glam it up with a curly updo like this crown braid. Keep reading to check out three ... Get the hairstyle!

Bangs for Wavy Hair


I have wavy/curly hair with a widow's peak and a cowlick. Can I do bangs? - Kristina  Hi Kristina, The answer is yes, you can, but you will probably hate yourself for it. Cowlicks can be tamed, but as soon as your body temperature starts to rise they pop back up in full, irritating splendor. If you don't mind restyling your bangs frequently, honestly, go for it! Bangs are fun, and styling them takes 2 minutes tops. Dampen your ... Get the hairstyle!

Pros + Cons of V-Cut Hair for Long Wavy Hair


What are the pros and cons of a v-haircut if i have natural waves and long hair? - Ere Good news! There are basically no cons to having a v-cut! This is because all of the drama takes place in the back. You don't have to be concerned about face shape. I would just recommend that if you choose to get layers, don't cut them too short. You want there to be enough hair at the bottom to make the “V” shape noticeable Also be prepared for ... Get the hairstyle!

Beachy Waves


Beachy waves are the go-to hairstyle if you're hoping to look completely effortless and sexy (while really not doing much work at all to get there!). Contrary to what the name suggests, you do not have to spend all day hitting the sand and surf to sport this easy hairstyle. You can easily whip up your own salt water spray or put your hair in a sock bun or side braid overnight and wake up to loose beachy waves that will leave your hair looking ... Get the hairstyle!

Long Layered Wavy Hairstyles


Long layered wavy hairstyles exude a certain self confidence that comes from maintaining a feminine and natural look. There are a ton of great easy ways to achieve waves in long hair with layers. You can go the old-fashioned route and grab a curling iron to create some waves or you can stay away from the heat and make your own salt water spray that will have you sporting beautiful beachy waves in no time. For this long layered wavy ... Get the hairstyle!

Medium Wavy Hair

hairstyles for medium wavy hair

It is time to embrace your wavy hair! Whether you have it naturally or want to create your own waves, this style always looks great. There are so many ways to style medium wavy hair, that it looks flattering on anyone. Wavy hair is beautiful, elegant, and best of all, simple to create! Wavy hairstyles are quick and easy to do. The natural wave of your hair along with layers in your haircut, add shape and body to the hair. This makes wavy hair ... Get the hairstyle!

Wavy Long Hair


Wavy long hair is always in style! Let your natural curl shine through because it adds body and volume to hair, giving you a soft, sultry look. To make the most of wavy long hair, keep hair healthy, shiny, and tangle-free. These layered hairstyles bring out  naturally wavy texture while keeping unwanted frizz to a minimum. With the right cut for your hair, hair will look great with minimal styling time. Check out these pictures of wavy long hair ... Get the hairstyle!