Waist Length Hair

Growing hair long, especially waist length hair, takes patience and some TLC. But it’s worth it – long and lustrous hair is beautiful and a sign of health. If you’re looking to add some length to your locks, here are some tips for how to grow hair long. One key to healthy long hair is tying it back to avoid damage, like one of these braids for thick hair. For days when you want to show the world your stunning tresses, here are pictures of very long hair worn down to get inspired by.

Like all hairstyles, layers are the key to manageable waist length hair. The weight and volume pulls hair straight above the shoulder, letting natural wave come through lower down. At the back, hair is cut into a V-shape for a fantastic finish to thick and healthy long hair.



One way to highlight thick straight hair is with a blunt cut. This sleek and geometric look combines blunt bangs and long hair cut straight across the back. Blown out super straight, this is a great look for special events orĀ prom.

To give waist length hair lots of shape and movement, try these angled layers. The diagonal cuts encourage the ends of hair to gently curl. This romantic long hair is cut into a U at the back for extra curves.

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