Get to the Point – V-Shaped Back for Long Straight Hair

The V-Shaped back is a fun, modern, and daring look that shows off your super long straight hair. Have some fun with this angled look that looks great from the front, side, and back. Geometric looks are exploding this season, so try this triangular look for your hair. So now, let’s get to the point!

The V-shaped haircut dramatically angles long hair from shortest layers around the face down to a point at the back. The angle can be as wide are narrow as you like, depending on what your shortest layers are.


The diagonal lines of the V-shaped cut can be seen from the front as well. The deep side part here add drama to the angled layers. This would also look fantastic with blunt cut bangs, either straight across or diagonal, or some wispy fringe.

The angled layers that form the V-shaped back are cut into the profile as well. The layers cut side to side and front to back keep long and thick hair light, adding tons of body and movement to a fantastic shape.

So, is the V-cut for you? There are lots of other options to choose from as well.

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Need some ideas for a U-shaped back for your curly, wavy or straight hair? There are lots of ways to wear this look so keep reading for some different ways to rock this long hairstyle. The shape of the U has lots of room to play with, from the width of the longest layers…