Hair Updos

Hair updos and updo hairstyles took 2012 by storm, and will continue to be a popular hairstyle choice in 2014. Learn how to get the latest updo trends right here!

4 Simple Updos for Long Hair


 There is one style that should never be overlooked: the updo. Over the years, there have been countless variations of this classic style. The updo is especially perfect for long hair. Why? All of that length can be time consuming to style. Thankfully, the updo gives you gorgeous style in no time!So, if you’re running late or want something nice and easy, try one of these 4 simple … [Read more...]

Hot Wedding Hairstyles for 2014: 3 Trends


 Wedding season is just around the corner! Hairstyles for the bride and bridal party are often among the last details to be decided so check out these pictures of hot wedding hairstyles for 2014! A few of the top bridal trends this year are unique accessories, vintage inspired updos, and wearing hair to one side.There is so much more to wedding hair accessories than the veil. Plus … [Read more...]

Is the beehive back? 10 celebrities wearing beehive hair!


 Ready to make a splash with your hair? Then get a little adventurous with your ‘do. One of the hottest trends of the year takes its inspiration from the 1960s. That’s right – beehive hair is all the rage right now. It’s not hard to figure out why! With bold height and plenty of whimsical sophistication, this hairstyle suits any formal occasion.With so many celebrities sporting this … [Read more...]

10 Vintage Updos


 Curls, volume, and accessories. Those are the ingredients to creating a flawless vintage updo. They’re not just great for weddings and formal events, anymore. You can find any excuse to wear one of these incredible looks!If you’re ready for some inspiration with a little retro flair, look no further. This gallery of vintage updos will help steer you in the right … [Read more...]

3 Pretty and Unique Updos for 2014


 For formal occasions like prom, weddings, and black tie events there are two options - there are the tried and classic looks and then there's attention-getting modern trends. If you're the latter, check out these pretty and unique updos for 2014 that will have all eyes on you!Wrap around braids have a super popular look with celebrities on the red carpet in 2014. This fabulous … [Read more...]

How to Style a Curly Updo


 Hi Isabelle, I was wondering how to do this updo for my long curly blond hair. I would love to learn how. - MeaganMeagan, I admire your ambition! Ambition is a trait that can lead you to the greatest successes life has to offer. It's also the trait that landed Napoleon at Waterloo.This particular updo will be extremely difficult to achieve by yourself, on yourself. There is a … [Read more...]

Retro Hair: 10 Vintage Updos


 Each season, one thing remains the same: updated versions of retro hairstyles are spotted at the hottest red carpet events and on every notable runway. There is just something about styles from the 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s that still resonate with women today. Maybe it’s the sophistication. Or maybe it just has to do with the fact that these styles are super flattering!Want a classic … [Read more...]

5 Cute Celebrity Hairstyles with Braids


 Braids are everywhere lately…just take a look at the red carpet. Every A-lister you can imagine has sported one glamorous braided style or another. That’s the best thing about braids – they can look cute, flirty, and still super sophisticated. What a combination!Is it time to give your hair a little star power? These 5 cute celebrity hairstyles with braids can make it happen. Get … [Read more...]

The French Twist: 5 Ways


 You can't find an updo as sophisticated and classic as a French twist. Women have been wearing this hairstyle for years (and for many years to come!) and there's a good reason for that.It's such a classic look that requires very little experience, just some pins and good hairspray. There are a number of different ways you can put your own little twist on this updo and really make it … [Read more...]

Easy Formal Hairstyles: The Ponytail


So, you have a special event coming up and you have everything all planned out from your dress, make-up and accessories and all you have left to figure out is what is going on with your hair for the evening!Sometimes when life gets a bit hectic our hair can become a bit of an afterthought, but not to worry because if there's one look that's completely tried and true that you can rely on at a … [Read more...]