Undercut Hairstyles


Although sporting an undercut hairstyle may seem like a bold hairstyle choice, really you just have to know how to wear it to make it work for you personally.

There’s no rulebook out there that says that an undercut can’t be a feminine and pretty choice for the right woman who’s willing to take a bit of a risk! As you’ll find in the photos below, an undercut hairstyle has the ability to be totally glam and beautiful if you take the time to find the right one for you (and know how to accessorize it up with great make-up!).

Though undercut hairstyles are notoriously edgy, this particular hairstyle is all about maintaining a good balance between the lines of being glamorous and bold. With this short inverted bob that establishes longer layers and side swept bangs off to one side, it’s really all about showing off one’s facial strong facial structure and allowing the undercut to remain subtle and understated.


If you’re looking to take your pixie cut with bangs one step further, why not try an undercut along the sides and back to really allow your beautiful facial features to be the focus! This undercut hairstyle is such a unique contrast because the longest layers are right at the front in the bangs. Look at the killer angles throughout her face! This undercut hairstyle really lets it all hang out in the most fantastic and fashion forward way.

undercut hair

Sometimes keeping your bangs is a great way to even things out. With this undercut hairstyle, she has allowed for one side to remain short and almost shaved (and notice how her bold make-up choice is on the side with less going on hair-wise!) while longer bangs play up the opposite side.  A lot of the time with a good undercut hairstyle, it’s really all about playing with contrasts and just having fun!