Undercut Hairstyles for Black Women


The popularity of the undercut isn’t going anywhere. It looks great with short hair, long hair, and of course black hair too. Rihanna was one of the trendsetters, wearing hair shaved on one side and sweeping back, long and short. That’s not the only way to rock this look though. Check out theseĀ undercut hairstyles for black women pictures featuring the latest looks for straight and natural hair.


The undercut and short hair are a powerful combination. Unlike longer hair, it’s easy to grow out and makes for a feminine and stylish look. Instead of wearing bangs across the forehead, style hair into a spiked peak for added volume.


What about wearing an undercut with natural hair? Yes, please. Shaved sides add original style and make hair easier to manage. Hair on top can do it’s thing while the back and sides will always be perfect.


So what about growing out an undercut with an afro? It looks great! Make sure hair is as healthy as it can be by conditioning it well through while it grows.

We also love emphasizing an undercut by coloring hair. It highlights the difference between the short back and sides and length on top, in this case worn in small coils.


There are plenty of different ways to rock the undercut so pick the one you like best. We still love the one side undercut that is worn with side swept bangs going in the opposite direction. If you have a round face, this angular cut is ultra flattering.

If you have short hair or a short afro, consider adding an undercut to spice up your look! It makes short hair even easier to care for and style so this hot trend is a win, win, win. If these undercut black hair pictures don’t have the specific cut you want, create your own!