U-Shaped, V-Shaped + Straight Across Back Haircuts for Long Wavy Hair

Layers for long wavy hairstyles shape the back too. Choose from straight across, U-shaped, and V-shaped rear profiles. All these hairstyles let natural wavy hair shine, just pick the right one for you.

long wavy hair straight across back

Cut straight across, the tendrils of long wavy hair break up the hard edge that happens with straight hair.

long wavy haircut U shaped back

The rounded U-shaped back is a romantic look for long wavy hair. Shorter layers can start at the chin or collarbone and gently arc into the longest layers. This curve can be as dramatic or gentle as you want. The angles of the U- and V-cut let shorter locks frame the face and fall in front of the shoulders while cascading down the back.

long wavy hairstyle V shaped back

The V-shaped back creates a defined shape the hair and makes a statement. For thick hair, this cut reduces bulk, giving room and space for waves to come through. The undulating edges are lovely.