U-Shaped Back Long Hair Haircut – From All Angles

Still having trouble deciding if you want a U-shaped back for your long hair haircut?

Cutting hair into a rounded shape at the back is a great way to get a new long hairstyle without sacrificing length. You can even add in some layers (also in a U) to get even more lift and body for long straight hair.

Check out the U-shaped back long hair haircut from every angle!

Here is a beautiful example of a U-shaped back long hairstyle. The curve can range from gentle to dramatic. This is quite a deep U, coming to a rounded point at the bottom.

Long layers are cut into the same shape, adding depth and showing off gorgeous yet subtle highlights and low lights. Horizontal and vertical layers add movement to long hair by removing dead weight.

The U-cut back looks even better from the side! The collarbone length layers arc gracefully into the longest length around the back.

Bangs cut straight across the forehead meet long hair at a right angle. Side swept bangs cut on angle could also blend seamlessly into U-cut back. Or get a combination of the two with curved bangs. And as always, no bangs works too!

The last that way that the U-shaped back is flattering is when putting hair up. The U is still maintained in this ponytail and in addition to looking great, adds movement to the hair.

Still not convinced that the U-shaped back is for you? Compare the U-shape, V-shape and straight across options.