U-shaped Back – Ideas for Curly, Wavy and Straight Hair

Need some ideas for a U-shaped back for your curly, wavy or straight hair? There are lots of ways to wear this look so keep reading for some different ways to rock this long hairstyle.

The shape of the U has lots of room to play with, from the width of the longest layers to the angles to the shorter layers. This is a wide U-shape with a steep diagonals to the shortest shoulder length layers. It creates a striking shape with this thick long hair and lets the shortest layers fall in front of the shoulders to hit the collarbone.


This long layered hairstyle features a deep U-shaped back, with a narrow rounded bottom and arced steep sides. This option is better for thinner hair than the wide U above.

The U-shaped back is also super flattering for curly and wavy hair. The different length layers create a gorgeous shape as bring out natural texture. These looks work with all lengths of hair, leaving layers to frame the face that are between chin and shoulder length.

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