Types of Bangs

How do you know if you should get bangs? There are so many types of bangs to choose from – from classic side swept bangs to trendy blunt bangs. In addition to suiting your personal style, another thing to consider is finding the best bangs for your face shape. Check out these hairstyles with bangs pictures to see the many types of bangs!

Bangs or no bangs – they both look great. These lovely ladies show how bangs can give similar layered hairstyles a totally different look and feel. Full blunt bangs worn straight with wavy hair is a modern and on trend look. On the other side, bangs are cut lighter with some forehead showing through. In the middle, this sophisticated and easy wear hairstyle features loose curls worn without a part.



Different kinds of bangs work for different hair textures. For tight curls, bangs can be unruly or high maintenance so no bangs can be the best option. For straight hair, all types of bangs are up for grabs. These long bangs worn with a side part and swept across one eyebrow are flattering for high foreheads and round faces.

Different styles of bangs are worn with different parts. Side swept bangs go with side parts. Above, chin length and wispy bangs gently cover the forehead, highlighting the angle of the jaw and cheekbones. Straight across bangs cut just below the eyebrows focus attention on the jaws. Full fringe is traditionally worn with a center part.