Summer Hairstyles with Hats – The Side Bun, Double Fishtail + Side Braid

Looking for a cute hairstyle that works with your summer hat? You can always wear your hair down but sometimes you want hair up when it’s really hot out. Another reason to wear your hair up under a hat is to prevent hat head! With these looks, you can add or remove the hat without worrying about indented hair. Check out these 2012 hairstyles and hat combinations that work together.

summer hairstyle side bun with fedora

This large side bun looks fantastic with the fedora at a jaunty angle. The hat is a great choice for this brunette, with the linen contrasting dark hair and the leather strap accenting it. To get this look, part hair or pull it all back and push hair to the side you want at. Make a ponytail under your ear, tie it with a hair tie, and twist and tuck hair into the elastic. If you have a long or thick hair, you may want to pin it in place. Read here you’re going for a loose messy bun. If you need help getting this oversize bun, try the sock bun technique.


fishtail braids with beret hat

These double fishtail braids are an interesting and sexy way to wear pigtails this summer. Hair is off the nape of the neck and looks fabulous. The combination of platinum hair and cream beret looks great but this look would work with all hats, from the fedora to a wide brimmed floppy hat. Highlight your hair by choosing a matching or contrasting hat.

side braid with summer hat

Side braids are all the rage and a great way to stay cool and cute this summer.  This thick braid looks fantastic with the floppy straw hat. This would work for medium to long hair as well. Wear the side braid with a maxi dress, color blocked sandals, and you’ll have the hottest look of the summer.