Side swept bangs for a round face with a big forehead?


Ok, I have a round face and a big forehead. My hair is thick, long, and naturally curly. I’ve always worn it that way, and I want a different style.

I’ve been looking into side swept bangs, but I’m not sure if I can pull it off. Please help! 🙂 – Christina

Hi Christina,

I understand the fear of combining bangs with a round face. I have a face not dissimilar in shape to a stop sign.Stop Sign

The wrong bangs can make your face seem even rounder. However, based on your description  I think side swept bangs would be lovely on you.

Since you have a larger forehead, the side bangs wouldn’t close your face, and they would actually break up the roundness. Also, since you have longer hair, that also appears to lengthen your face.

All I would recommend is to make sure you give yourself an extra bit of volume up at the crown.

Enjoy your bangs!