Side Fringe Hairstyles

Effortless and flattering, side swept bangs can transform your look at any hair length. These side fringe hairstyles are flattering for every face shape, and you can even cut them yourself! Keep reading how to get the perks without making a cut.


Side swept bangs not only look good on everyone, they add oomph to any hairstyle. Sure, they look great when hair is worn down straight or with some gorgeous waves.

Side bangs also add sophistication and softness to an instant ponytail or messy topknot. Wispy angled edges are the antidote to a boring hairstyle. Get extra texture by rubbing a touch of wax or styling paste into bangs.


If you have longer hair and want to get this mysterious and sexy look, it’s all yours for the price of a simple side part. That’s it! Part hair deeply to one side and pull the front section of hair across the forehead. If this is a new look for your, train hair by giving it a blast of heat and touch of product.

This works with hair worn down or any simple hair up look. Get a different look for a night out by wearing hair in a messy bun to one side with bangs swooping across in the other direction. Or wear hair in loose curls or waves with hair across the forehead, secured with a bobby pin if necessary.


Side fringe hairstyles aren’t only the domain of long haired lasses! Get in on the action with a sassy and cute short haircut!

This gorgeous cropped look is all about the side bangs, with all hair concentrated on the top and crossing the forehead with lots of layers and texture. Undercut sides add extra emphasis to this short yet feminine cut. The exaggerated side bangs makes this a flattering short haircut for round faces.