Side Braid Hairstyles

Side braid hairstyles are a cute and stylish alternative to a ponytail if you want to pull your hair back and away from the face.  Side braids work best on medium to long hair lengths.

side braid front

Before you make your braid, be sure to brush and comb your hair our throughly so that it will be easy to neatly make your braid free of knots and tangles.


side braid

Gather your bangs and hair in front, separate into 3 strands and begin braiding the hair as you normally would on the side where you would like to see it begin.

side braids

You can create 2 separate side braids as we see here, or 1 on either the left or right side.  When you complete the braids you can secure with hair bands, clips, or barrettes whichever you wish.  When you make your side braids be sure not to braid them too tightly or they will be stiff.