Short hairstyles are easy to manage, and can easily give you a sharp new look full of life and attitude whether it is spunky and cute, edgy, or soft and beautiful. Browse all our short hair hairstyle posts below to find a whole new look!

Quiff Hairstyles for Women


 The tall and peaked quiff hairstyle is a hybrid of the 1950s pompadour and flattop with a touch of mohawk thrown in. The name is thought to be a derivation of coiffe, the French word for hairstyle.  The unisex style has recently made a resurgence among women, partly because it is Janelle Monáe's signature style.Want to try out quiff hairstyles for women? Check out these pictures for ... Get the hairstyle!

Kristen Stewart’s New Short Haircut

Image: Go Fug Yourself [Splash]

 How did we miss this awesome new 'do? K-Stu has been rocking this sassy crop for a little while now and it's such a good look for her. A better fit for her style and personality than long locks, don't you think? More about Kristen Stewart's new short haircut below.  What a long way she's come from the brooding silences and meaningful pouts of Twilight. Perhaps her ... Get the hairstyle!

Undercut Hairstyles for Women


The undercut has not only been one of the top hairstyles for men in 2014 but for women too. This unisex style is always edgy but depending on the cut, can be as feminine or tough as you are. Check out these pictures of undercut hairstyles for women to get inspired! Combine these short haircuts with hair designs for an even bolder look. Boundary pushing celebrities like Miley ... Get the hairstyle!

5 Cute Short Hairstyles for Women 2014


 It’s summertime…. so why not go short? Short hair can look chic and stylish – and keep you feeling cool when the temperatures start to rise. Even with daring cropped locks, there are no shortage of ways to wear this bold cut.For a little inspiration, look no further. These 5 cute short hairstyles for women 2014 can help you choose the right ‘do.Short hair is more versatile ... Get the hairstyle!

4 Hipster Short Hairstyles for Curly Hair 2014


 Why blend in with the crowd? The right hairstyle can help you look your best, compliment your face shape, and let you showcase your creative side! So, get ready to add some hipster flair to your style. This subculture has been around for years - but its unique sensibilities continue to inspire bold and exciting hairdos today.Forget about typical or expected. These 4 hipster ... Get the hairstyle!

Short Bob Hairstyles: Celebrity Edition


 The bob is one of the rare hairstyles can be cut in dozens of different ways to suit the personal taste of the wearer.  Celebs are rocking the short bob not only because it's a great haircut or as a step to growing out short hair. Check out these short bob hairstyles for 10 ways that celebrities rock this fabulous and easy to wear look. Model Coco Rocha opts for an ultra ... Get the hairstyle!

Undercut Hairstyle for Women


 The undercut hairstyle for women is a highly individual hairstyle trend that is as unique as you are so have have fun making it your own! Shave hair on one side of the head behind the ear, on both sides, or all around the sides and back. Just have fun with one of the coolest hairstyles of 2014!If you're already thinking ahead about how to grow out an undercut, it's no problem at all ... Get the hairstyle!

What are formal 1950s hairstyles?


 I have a fancy dress at school and the theme is 'Old vs New'. I have to dress up 50s style. I have got my costume but I have no idea what to do with my hair!!! Please help me! - EmilyHi Emily,That sounds like a lot of fun! There were so many gorgeous hairstyles that were popular in the 1950s. Since I don't know what kind of a haircut you have right now, we're lucky that it was an ... Get the hairstyle!

Short Celebrity Hairstyles: 5 Formal Looks for a Wedding, Prom or the Red Carpet


 Dressing up for a special event is easy - just throw on a LBD, some heels, and jewelry and you're set! For a wedding or prom, maybe you need to go shopping but that's okay. The most difficult part of getting fancy, especially with short hair, is hair (and makeup)!How to style short hair for prom, weddings, and special events is one of the biggest questions we get around here. Now ... Get the hairstyle!

What are good prom hairstyles for short hair?

Prom Hairstyles for Short Hair Celebrity-Hairstyles-Michelle-Williams

 Hi, I just got my hair cut short and my hair is normally long but I’m having a really hard decision on how I should do my hair for prom. Please help me! - WinterHi Winter, (I just love your name)! Well, it's a little hard for me to say without knowing exactly how short your hair is. One person's mid-length is another persons crew-cut. I'll try to cover all of the bases. ... Get the hairstyle!

5 Tips for Growing Out Short Hair

How to Grow out a Pixie-

 You've felt French New Wave, your hair dries in a minute, and you've never loved earrings more. You've enjoyed your time with your crop, but you miss ponytails and braids. You'd like to swish your hair around your shoulders, and feel a bit warmer in winter. The time has come for you to grow out your pixie.The important question, is “how?”. It's easy to picture the long flowing locks, ... Get the hairstyle!

Why is my short hair so dry?


Hi Isabelle,I recently went from long hair to short and it's kinda difficult making the transition. I can't get my hair to maintain moisture - it's always dry and hard. I have tried all kinds of hair products still no change. It has no shine or softness to it. What can I do? I'm at my wits end. -Minnie Hi Minnie,dry and hard you say? Sounds to me like the problem is your product. Waxes ... Get the hairstyle!

Short Emo Hair


Want to add a little extra edge to your look? Don’t be afraid to go emo. Emo hairstyles look great and make sure you to stand out from the crowd! The key to this style is to focus on angles, choppy layers, thick bangs, and bright colors.To get your own short emo hair, keep reading! We’ve got some unforgettable ideas to get you inspired.This first short hair look is all about chunky ... Get the hairstyle!

3 Short Sassy Haircuts


Going short with your hairstyle only helps to exude an inner confidence that might have been buried (deep under long hair!).Whether you're trying something out that's subtle and structured like A-line bob or going for a serious chop with a pixie, getting rid of some length, instantly opens your whole face up and allows your (inner and outer) beauty to truly shine.Check out below for 3 ... Get the hairstyle!

Should I cut my curly hair short?


Hi Isabelle,I have curly hair and I want to go for a short pixie-crop. Is this a good idea and can you share pointers and images of which will be best cut for me? I want something that's very simple and very easy to manage. Should I get a pixie cut for curly hair like the picture?Thank you, MaribelHi Maribel,Oh my, this is a difficult question indeed. Will you be a “Swordfish” ... Get the hairstyle!