Short hairstyles are easy to manage, and can easily give you a sharp new look full of life and attitude whether it is spunky and cute, edgy, or soft and beautiful. Browse all our short hair hairstyle posts below to find a whole new look!

What are formal 1950s hairstyles?


  I have a fancy dress at school and the theme is 'Old vs New'. I have to dress up 50s style. I have got my costume but I have no idea what to do with my hair!!! Please help me! - Emily Hi Emily, That sounds like a lot of fun! There were so many gorgeous hairstyles that were popular in the 1950s. Since I don't know what kind of a haircut you have right now, we're lucky that it was an era with styles for a variety of hair lengths. ... Get the hairstyle!

Short Celebrity Hairstyles: 5 Formal Looks for a Wedding, Prom or the Red Carpet


  Dressing up for a special event is easy - just throw on a LBD, some heels, and jewelry and you're set! For a wedding or prom, maybe you need to go shopping but that's okay. The most difficult part of getting fancy, especially with short hair, is hair (and makeup)! How to style short hair for prom, weddings, and special events is one of the biggest questions we get around here. Now here's the answer! Check out these pictures of short ... Get the hairstyle!

What are good prom hairstyles for short hair?

Prom Hairstyles for Short Hair Celebrity-Hairstyles-Michelle-Williams

  Hi, I just got my hair cut short and my hair is normally long but I’m having a really hard decision on how I should do my hair for prom. Please help me! - Winter Hi Winter, (I just love your name)! Well, it's a little hard for me to say without knowing exactly how short your hair is. One person's mid-length is another persons crew-cut. I'll try to cover all of the bases. Fingers-crossed I cover your hair!   Let's start ... Get the hairstyle!

5 Tips for Growing Out Short Hair

How to Grow out a Pixie-

  You've felt French New Wave, your hair dries in a minute, and you've never loved earrings more. You've enjoyed your time with your crop, but you miss ponytails and braids. You'd like to swish your hair around your shoulders, and feel a bit warmer in winter. The time has come for you to grow out your pixie. The important question, is “how?”. It's easy to picture the long flowing locks, but it's not so easy to picture how your two ... Get the hairstyle!

Why is my short hair so dry?


Hi Isabelle, I recently went from long hair to short and it's kinda difficult making the transition. I can't get my hair to maintain moisture - it's always dry and hard. I have tried all kinds of hair products still no change. It has no shine or softness to it. What can I do? I'm at my wits end. -Minnie  Hi Minnie, dry and hard you say? Sounds to me like the problem is your product. Waxes and pomades are a great tool for styling short ... Get the hairstyle!

Short Emo Hair


Want to add a little extra edge to your look? Don’t be afraid to go emo. Emo hairstyles look great and make sure you to stand out from the crowd! The key to this style is to focus on angles, choppy layers, thick bangs, and bright colors. To get your own short emo hair, keep reading! We’ve got some unforgettable ideas to get you inspired. This first short hair look is all about chunky layers. Lots of bold layers will help to create that ... Get the hairstyle!

3 Updos for Thin Hair


Without natural volume and thickness, styling thin hair yourself can be a process of trial and error. We've put together a few great looks that help thin hair to appear thicker and more luxurious and are perfect for a fun night out on the town or formal event. Start with the best products for thin hair to get a boost of volume, texture, and shine. Then you're ready for these 3 updos for thin hair pictures! One of the best updos for thin ... Get the hairstyle!

3 Short Sassy Haircuts


Going short with your hairstyle only helps to exude an inner confidence that might have been buried (deep under long hair!). Whether you're trying something out that's subtle and structured like A-line bob or going for a serious chop with a pixie, getting rid of some length, instantly opens your whole face up and allows your (inner and outer) beauty to truly shine. Check out below for 3 different and adorable ways to wear short sassy ... Get the hairstyle!

Should I cut my curly hair short?


Hi Isabelle, I have curly hair and I want to go for a short pixie-crop. Is this a good idea and can you share pointers and images of which will be best cut for me? I want something that's very simple and very easy to manage. Should I get a pixie cut for curly hair like the picture? Thank you, Maribel Hi Maribel, Oh my, this is a difficult question indeed. Will you be a “Swordfish” Halle Berry, or a “Felicity” season 2? Short curly ... Get the hairstyle!

Should I get a pixie cut?


I'm a teacher and adore these pixie styles. I don't want to look too old though and fear my forehead is a little too big to go all into a pixie without bangs. How do I find a stylist who can truly cut a pixie without making me look like a boy or over 60? I'm paranoid it'll be horrible and take forever to grow back if its not done well. We have moved to Cary, NC and I am still in search of an excellent stylist I trust with a daring cut like a ... Get the hairstyle!

5 Hair Trends for Summer 2013

Summer Hair Trends

As hard as it is to believe, my calender tells me that spring is here. Although it's starting a little late this year, soon coats and boots will be shoved back into closets, and sunglasses and ballet flats will be pulled out. There will soon be no more hiding under scarves and hats, and your hair will be on full display. If you like to be styled in a seasonally appropriate manner (I know I do) you may be interested in the top 5 hair trends for ... Get the hairstyle!

Short Bobs


    One of the best short hairstyles out there that's also easy to wear is the short bob. They're cute, sassy, and chic! Even better, the short bob can be styled some different ways. Add blunt bangs or side swept, wear hair graduated or asymmetrical. There is a short bob out there for your style, face shape, and hair type from thin to thick!   ... Get the hairstyle!

Best Products for Short Hair

Best Products for Short Hair

Whether you're new to short hair or it's your signature look, the right products are essential to achieving the best short haircuts. Another awesome thing about short hair is that it takes less product, so go ahead and splurge on the best products for short hair! Anti-Frizz Serum Short hair can get greasy or weighed down with condioner. So skip it and use a serum instead! Rub a touch through damp hair for a frizz free day. These are some of ... Get the hairstyle!

Short Haircuts for Women


Trying out a short haircut is definitely a choice that takes some confidence, but once you first feel the freedom that comes from having a shorter 'do, you'll never want to go long again! Whether you're looking to try something a bit edgier like a short inverted bob or if you're looking to make a change with your head full of curls and go shorter, the possibilities (and the compliments you'll receive!) are truly endless. Check out these ... Get the hairstyle!

Short Bob Hairstyles Pictures


    Bob hairstyles are stylish, flattering, and so easy to wear! Check out these pictures of medium length and short bob hairstyles for lots of gorgeous ways to wear the look! You can add bangs, wear hair on an angle, or get a cool asymmetrical cut!   ... Get the hairstyle!