Short Hairstyles for Women with Thick Hair


If you have thick hair and are unsure what to do with it, why not try a cool and sexy short hairstyle? Short hairstyles are a great option for thick hair because you can play off your hair’s natural texture and really work to create a new look that’s fun and different!

The thing about having naturally thick hair is that it doesn’t need to be unmanageable and completely weigh you down.  The trick is all in the cut and how you style it!

Check out below for three great short hairstyles for women with thick hair!

This short hairstyle for thick hair is a great one to try if your hair has a bit of wave to it! Simply ask your hair stylist for an asymmetrical bob of sorts that still keep things short in the back while the front remains long and layered.

You’ll be left with a  flirty and fun short hairstyle that’s great for thick hair because it’s easy to style and looks chic in a moment’s notice! For a cool vintage finish, add a rockabilly bandana!

For this shorter pixie cut with long bangs, it’s all about the contrast between the extreme short hair in the back and the longer bangs in front that look great swept to the side!

By adding bangs to this pixie cut (which is a great hairstyle for thick hair!), it allows for this hairstyle to remain feminine while still getting rid of some of that bulk that can weigh your hair down.

This short bob with bangs is a chic cropped look that’s cut into a rounded profile that helps to soften the face and show off those peachy cheek bones! This is a classic bob that’s been taken that one step further with bangs that fall right at the eyebrows that have been swept off to the side.

This is an ideal hairstyle for women with thick hair because your hair is lightened up while still keeping all of that great body. For this shiny and sleek finish, smooth a touch of anti frizz serumover hair.