6 Short Hairstyle Ideas – Find the Best Short Hair For You

Find out if short hair is right for you with these 6 ideas for short hairstyles. A 2011 hair trend that is continuing through 2012 is short hair. Short hairstyles are modern, easy to care for, and flatter most face shapes. Whether you have curly hair, bangs, fringe or are looking for a haircut that suits older women, short hair can be right for you.

You’re ready to cut your hair short? First, ask yourself these questions:

1. What is your face shape?

Short hair is compatible with most face shapes, paying attention to where the part, volume, symmetry, and length of the cut. To find your face shape and the most flattering cuts, read here.

cute short hair1

There are lots of great short hair cuts for round faces. The key is to add some height at the crown and fullness above the ears. Layers, culrs, and asymmetric cuts are all flatering, stylish, and sophisticated. Ideally, hair should hit 1-2” below the chin. Pixie cuts work best for petite woemn with heart-shaped or oval faces. Long faces benefit from chin-length bobs and shag cuts, wihcih add width.

2. Do you want to highlight your jaw, neck, and shoulders?

Short hair highlights these areas by drawing attention. If you want to downplay these features, a better option may be haircuts that hit at or just above the collar bone.

short hair profile

3. How tall are you?

Height matters! A pixie cut is a great option for petites as it doesn’t overwhelm the body. For taller ladies ,such a skull-hugging dos can create an unwanted pinhead silhoutte.  Above 5’8”, short hair to the chin line can be more flattering.



4. Is your hair fine?

Short hairstyles are great for fine hair. Short cuts add body to fine hair, which can be flat and limp in longer cuts. Keep hair about the same length, avoiding too many layers or razor cutting that reduces bulk.

short hairstyles1

5. Is your hair curly?

There are great short hairstyles for curly hair, using layers to control volume and frizz. See our galleries for examples and take face shape and height into account when selecting a new hairstyle. There are also lots of styling options for curly short hairstyles. Short hair takes less time to style so you can explore a range of flat, wispy, and curly options.

short wavy curly hair

6. How much time do you spend styling your hair?

Many short hairstyles are easy to care for, effortlessly coiffed results. Precision cuts, razor cuts, and layering allow hair to fall into natural shape and form every time. Of course there are still lots of styling options to provide variety.

There are also lots of short hairstyles photos to help you find inspiration for you next short hair cut. Which flattering short hairstyle have you chosen? Help others find their best short hair by adding pictures of your short hair cut.