Short Bangs

Short bangs are a flattering way to highlight eyes and update your look. ThisĀ hairstyle with bangs made Rooney Mara look tough as Lisbeth Salander in the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, baby bangs can also be sweet and feminine. This cropped fringe is best for triangular and oval faces. When worn on an angle, they also work for long and heart-shaped face shapes. Check out these hairstyles with bangs pictures for 4 ways to wear this look. pixie haircut bangs1 This cute pixie cut requires minimal styling. Rub a light gel or mousse through hair and low dry hair using fingers. To get the desired placement of the short bangs, use a molding cream or pomade to smooth and separate ends. This super cropped bangs and hair works for medium density hair of all textures and flatters diamond, oval, and square face shapes.

short bangs Wispy short bangs are the finishing touch to this classic bob hairstyle. Cut with lots of texture, these angled bangs add a asymmetrical slant to haircut. This modern style is fun and playful. angled bangs1 Angled bangs are a great way to get the short bangs look, starting high on the forehead and angling down just across the forehead. This flattering fringe draws attention to bright eyes and arched brows.