2012 Hairstyle Trends: Shades of Red Hair

The hottest hair color of 2012 is all shades of red. This 2012 hairstyle trend is inspired by auburn beauties like Emma Stone, Julianne Moore, and Christina Hendricks. Redhead is the color of the summer! Anyone can pull off red, regardless of skin tone or age. Just aim to go for a natural shade that mimics true red hair. Red is the hardest color for hair to take as well as to get out, so be sure before committing to this look. Consult your colorist to find the most natural red or auburn tint for you.

layered red hair

This oh so natural shade of red works great with pale skin tones as it won’t overpower your coloring. The classic copper shade is stunning with blue eyes or clothing.

red hair shades

Adding red overtones to brown hair results in a warm and rich hue. For brunettes, aiming for a rust finish is a subtle way to go red that flatters olive and golden skin tones.



red hair color

Channel your inner bombshell with this hot red shade. This ruby hair will set you apart from the crowd, so wear this shade with confidence! Bold and bright red hair works best for women with cool or pinkish skin.

auburn hair

Dark red, from auburn to garnet, is another beautiful hair color. This shade is flattering for brown-eyed girls and really shines in the sun. To maintain red shades, wash hair as infrequently as possible – ideally twice a week. If you don’t want to go fully red, try some highlights.