Rockabilly Bandana Hairstyles


Vintage-inspired bandana hairstyles are a hot look for summer! Whether you’re going for a pin-up girl, Rosie the Riveter, or rockabilly, these looks are simple to get. Spice up your vintage look or keep a bad hair day under wraps! Other than a bandana, all you’ll need is hair spray, bobby pins, a round boar bristle brush, and an optional curling iron.

The only hair visible with this Rosie the Riveter-style bandana is a high-volume pouf at the crown. Brush hair forward from the hairline and gather a section of hair from about half an inch behind the forehead. If your hair teases easily, skip this curling iron step.

If you have fine or wavy hair, use a large-barreled curling iron to coil the bottom of hair into the bump shape. Curl the front and sides separately. With the round brush, backcomb hair to tease it, leaving the curled bottoms smooth. Apply a wax or smoothing cream and pull it back into a pouf and secure with bobby pins. P

ut rest of hair in ponytail with a clip or rubber band. For a rounder shape at the back, you can use a loose bun or twist hair into a messy French twist.


Now it’s time for the bandana, which can be tied in the centre or off to the side like above. Fold into into a triangular half and put over shoulders like a cape. Bring the ends together behind the bump, up over ears. Pull the center point underneath the ends, making sure all the little hairs are kept inside. Tie a knot and anchor the bandana with bobby pins by the ears and around the back or it will fall off.  Finish the poof of with some hairspray. This ready-made banada from Modcloth makes all of these vintage bandana hairstyles a breeze.

This rockabilly bandana look features a gorgeous rolled bangs. The victory roll-inspired fringe and polka dotted scarf brings the look from the factory to the dance floor.

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