Ringlets aren’t just for Shirley Temple! This glamorous curly hair is red carpet worth, as seen on Beyonce, Meg Ryan, and Taylor Swift. Wear these beautiful coils all over in a hair down hairstyle, half up, or in tendrils. Check out these ringlet hair pictures for 3 different ways to wear these spiral curls.

Ringlets are a gorgeous look for weddings or prom. To ensure that the coils lie correctly, start the curl a few inches below the hairline. For maximum bounce and volume, curl lower hair into loose springs and outer hair tighter. To get these beautiful spirals, coil small sections of hair around a 1-inch curling iron.

Tying hair half up works really well with ringlets, making use of straight hair before the curls start. When styling ringlets, pay attention to which direction curls coil in. Here, the face framing ringlets both curl away from the face. If you don’t have time to curl all hair into ringlets, add a few as a finishing touch.



Ringlet tendrils are the perfect finishing touch to any updo. Finger waves frame the face, hitting at the cheekbone. Ringlets start at the collarbone, also curling away from the face. This dramatic hairstyle also features a crown braid at the back.