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Get the most popular hairstyles, haircuts, and new hair looks of today. Browse one of the photo galleries below and find your hot new hair look!

Fall 2013 Hair Trends: The Center Part!


Remember when having a center part used to be out? Well, it's back! This fall, there is nothing hotter than wearing a hairstyle with a bold part right down the middle.In fact, it absolutely rocked the fall 2013 runways (and our fave source of style inspiration, the J. Crew catalogue). What does this mean exactly? It has never been easier to look trendy. So, let’s take a look at one of the ... Get the hairstyle!

10 Blunt Cut Hairstyles Pictures


If you're looking for an update to your look and long hair, the classic yet modern blunt cut could be for you. Cutting hair to one uniform length creates gorgeous clean lines that not only show off gorgeous, healthy hair but let your features shine through.This is one of the hot hairstyles of 2013 at every length! The blunt cut is the signature look of Alexa Chung, Gwyneth Paltrow, and ... Get the hairstyle!

1920s Hairstyles from Great Gatsby and Downton Abbey


Thanks to movies and TV shows, the rip-roaring 1920’s are back in style! Pop culture has brought this decade back to the forefront of fashion. From The Great Gatsby to Downton Abbey, sophisticated 1920’s hairstyles are everywhere.Take your hair back in time by wearing these 1920s hairstyles from Great Gatsby and Downton Abbey!Thanks to the re-make of The Great Gatsby, bob styles are ... Get the hairstyle!

4 Ways to Wear Pin Up Hair


There’s something about pin up girls! Even though they were making (super stylish!) waves back since the 1940s, pin up hairstyles are still fashionable today. With playful bangs, bold curls, and bandanas, it is no wonder retro looks are always popular.If you’re ready to try your own pin up look, here are 4 ways to wear pin up hair!Nothing says retro glamour like curls and waves. So, ... Get the hairstyle!

Fall 2013: Hairstyles for Women with Braids


Braids are one of those hair trends that just won't quit - and we love it! They are beautiful, easy to style, and work for every hair type - from thick to fine and straight to curly! In addition to all those gorgeous Pinspirations out there, check out these pictures for 10 ideas for fall 2013 hairstyles for women! ... Get the hairstyle!

5 Back to School Hairstyles – From Short to Long


Now that summer is on it's way out, are you heading back to school? This year, you can do it in style! Whether you have short, medium, or long hair, there are gorgeous hairstyles to get you ready for the new school year.Start fresh by trying these 5 back to school hairstyles – from short to long hair!Let’s start with short hairstyles! Short hair can look super sexy and bold. This ... Get the hairstyle!

3 Best Bandana Hairstyles!


Bandanas are a fun way to accessorize with your hair if you're looking for something personalized and unique. Fold one over and use it as an eye-catching headband when you wear your hair down or grab your favorite silk scarf and wrap it around your head for an individualized updo!As far as bandanas are concerned, there is not just one way to wear them (and certainly not just one hairstyle that ... Get the hairstyle!

Undercut Hairstyles for Short & Long Hair


What could be bolder and more on trend than the undercut? This rocker-chic hairstyle adds a ton of personality and femininity to any look! Think you can’t pull off this daring style? Think again. There are so many variations of undercut hairstyles for short & long hair.If you want to add a little punk to your hairstyle, try an undercut for long hair. The contrast between the shaved ... Get the hairstyle!

3 Fun Hair Color Trends 2013


Sometimes we want to stand out from the crowd. Especially when it comes to our hair! Which is why bold hair colors are super trendy right now. Unforgettable shades like pink, grey, and ombre are all great ways to add a little boost to your hairstyle. Here are 3 fun hair color trends for 2013 that you’re going to love.You’ve probably noticed that celebrities have been rocking pink hair all ... Get the hairstyle!

Medium Length Emo Hair


Wanting one of those hot, choppy indie hairstyles without tons of length? Check out these pictures for 3 ways to wear medium length emo hair!The same fundamentals are true: thick bangs, choppy layers, and lots of angles. For extra credit, add some color! Like hot pink hair or rainbow streaks. Keep reading for shorter ways to get the look!This choppy haircut is a super cool emo haircut. ... Get the hairstyle!

Indie Hairstyles


Are you looking to get a bit edgy and really express yourself through your hair? There are all sorts of interesting and fun hairstyles to try that will pair great with a bold pair of eyeglasses and funky wardrobe. All you have to do is be willing to experiment!You don't have to do anything drastic with your hair in order to stand out because it's all really about how you wear it (and what you ... Get the hairstyle!

Short Funky Hairstyles


If you're someone who's not afraid of taking chances and being bold (even when it comes to hairstyle decisions!), a short funky look may be just the thing you've been looking for in order to spice things up a bit!Short hairstyles are all about layers, an intricate cut, and how you style it. For these three shorter looks, they're all about adding a bit of drama to your hair while still ... Get the hairstyle!

Bandana Hairstyles


 Stay cool with these hot bandana hairstyles for summer. Bandanas are a great accessory for managing hair in the heat. These hippie chic looks are cute and feminine. Have fun mixing and matching bandana and scarf fabrics, colors, and prints!Worn as a headband, this bandana is hippie chic. Worn with hair down in gorgeous beachy waves, this cute bandana look will keep hair in place ... Get the hairstyle!

Bandana Headband – Cute + Easy Vintage Hairstyles


The ribbon headband is a super cute and easy look for summer, the weekend, or any day you want to add a vintage touch to your hairstyle. You can wear this look with any ribbon, bandana, or scarf that complements your hair or matches your outfit. This is a fun way to add colors and patterns to your look. Check out these 3 cute ways to wear this vintage-inspired hairstyle. There is ... Get the hairstyle!