Pixie Hairstyles & Haircuts

3 Short Sassy Haircuts


Going short with your hairstyle only helps to exude an inner confidence that might have been buried (deep under long hair!). Whether you're trying something out that's subtle and structured like A-line bob or going for a serious chop with a pixie, getting rid of some length, instantly opens your whole face up and allows your (inner and outer) beauty to truly shine. Check out below for 3 different and adorable ways to wear short sassy ... Get the hairstyle!

Pixie Cut With Bangs


No hairstyle is as fashion forward and enduring as the pixie cut. For decades, this hairstyle has had women chopping off their long locks. Whether you have thin hair or thick hair, the pixie cut with bangs is one hairstyle that cannot be overlooked! It all began with Audrey. Though short hair on women has always been around, it was iconic actress Audrey Hepburn who truly popularized the pixie cut style. With short hair and bangs, she altered ... Get the hairstyle!

Pixie Cut


Is the pixie cut for you? Check out these pictures for different ways to wear pixie hairstyles. Depending on the cut, the look can be boyish or ultra feminine. Extra length in the bangs or at the crown create more styling options to play with. Check out these pixie cut pictures to find your next short hairstyle! For a super feminine short hairstyle, try this cute pixie with bangs. More hair to play with makes this a versatile look – you ... Get the hairstyle!

Cropped Hairstyles


Showcase your style and exude confidence with these cropped hairstyles. Stars like Ginnifer Goodwin, Agyness Deyn, and Miley Cyrus have traded in long locks for chic crops. Bold and short haircuts are balanced by delicate facial features. And best of all, these sophisticated looks are quick and easy to style. Pixie hairstyles are not one-size-fits-all. Check out these pictures of cropped hairstyles to find 3 ways to make these short looks your ... Get the hairstyle!

Pixie Haircuts with Bangs for Summer!


  Short is hot! Miley Cyrus just chopped it all off for a super cute and totally sophisticated pixie hairstyle and you can too. The pixie cut is an easy and fabulous way to look your best in the sizzling summer weather. This versatile look can be worn lots of different ways - the key is different styles of bangs. From close cropped to side swept to straight across, adding fringe to pixie haircuts keeps the look ultra feminine and works ... Get the hairstyle!

Pixie Haircuts for Thick Hair


Never have another bad day again with these fabulous pixie haircuts for thick hair. Channel your inner Aubrey Hepburn with these short hairstyles that look pulled together and chic with minimal styling. Celebrities like Keira Knightley, Audrey Tautou, and Victoria Beckham have embraced these looks for their effortless style.   Check out these pictures of pixie cuts to find the best hairstyle for your thick hair. The pixie ... Get the hairstyle!

Cute Short Hairstyles for Summer 2012 – The Boy Cut


The boy cut is just one of the super feminine short hairstyles that are popping up red carpets everywhere. “Boy cut” refers to length, it’s cut short all the way around but there’s nothing masculine about it. Flattering and easy to wear, these cropped cuts are perfect for summer.  Keep reading for pictures of boy cut hairstyles for summer 2012. The angled side bangs of this look are all girl. If you want a wash and wear haircut, look no ... Get the hairstyle!

2012 Hair Trends – The Modern Pixie


The modern pixie that has made it as one of the 2012 hair trends is longer, edgier, and more versatile. This cropped do keeps some length in the front in the form of longer fringe or side bangs. Between the demi bob, the messy bun, and indie bangs, 2012 is about tousled looks. There are lots of ways to play with this coif in terms of shape and texture.  The pixie for 2012 has lots of styling options, whether you want to go for the 1920s version ... Get the hairstyle!

Pixie Hairstyles – With Short, Medium and Long Bangs

Cute Pixie Hairstyles - Bangs

There is more than meets the eye to cute pixie hairstyles. Depending on hair type and face shape, you can pick from short, medium, and long bangs. Pixie hairstyles can vary from ultra short to shaggy. Select the right length bangs to match your look. This pixie hairstyles with super short bangs is fun and daring. Opt for this look if you want to showcase your eyes, cheekbones, or a chiseled jawline.   This pixie ... Get the hairstyle!