Pixie Hairstyles – With Short, Medium and Long Bangs

There is more than meets the eye to cute pixie hairstyles. Depending on hair type and face shape, you can pick from short, medium, and long bangs. Pixie hairstyles can vary from ultra short to shaggy. Select the right length bangs to match your look.

cute pixie hairstyles 2

This pixie hairstyles with super short bangs is fun and daring. Opt for this look if you want to showcase your eyes, cheekbones, or a chiseled jawline.


cute pixie hairstyles 3

This pixie hairstyle with bangs has more length to play with. It can be styled, tousled, and curled. A great option for thick, wavy, and curly hair, this look provides lots of options with no fuss. Pair the look with great earrings, dramatic eyes, and/or kissable lips.

cute pixie hairstyles 1

Still a pixie hairstyle, this longer slightly is a great cut if you want more length in a short hair style. The side swept bangs, angled sides, and longer back are super feminine.