Pixie Cut With Bangs

No hairstyle is as fashion forward and enduring as the pixie cut. For decades, this hairstyle has had women chopping off their long locks. Whether you have thin hair or thick hair, the pixie cut with bangs is one hairstyle that cannot be overlooked!

It all began with Audrey. Though short hair on women has always been around, it was iconic actress Audrey Hepburn who truly popularized the pixie cut style. With short hair and bangs, she altered the idea of what could be considered feminine. Since Audrey, countless celebrities have sported this style, making it just as popular as ever!

pixie cut hairstyles1

Think you can’t pull off the pixie cut? Think again! The pixie cut with bangs has a number of variations to suit any face shape. Whether you have thick hair or thin hair, the pixie cut can work for you.

If you have an oval face shape, go for an ultra short pixie cut with equally short bangs.

For heart shaped faces, make sure your pixie cut has height so your face doesn’t appear shorter. Keep the sides of your hair flat, and the bangs short.


pixie cut with bangs1

Round faces should aim for long, layered sections at the crown to elongate the face. Tease your bangs upward to create height or wear them swept across the forehead.

If you have a square face, it is all about wispy bangs and light layers! Keep your hair layered to soften an angular jaw line.

Lastly, for anyone with an oblong or diamond face shape, keep bangs long and flat to balance out your face.

short pixie hairstyles

Since this hairstyle draws attention to all of your features, get playful! Take your look to the next level by adding a bold lip colour, rosy cheeks, or strong eyebrows. Hair accessories are also a great way to play up this short ‘do.

Get inspired by celebrities like Michelle Williams, Gennifer Goodwin, Emma Watson, Keira Knightley, Rihanna, and Ashlee Simpson! The pixie cut is a bold and timeless hairstyle that is sure to keep all eyes on you.