One Side Hairstyles

If retro ringlets cascading down a single side of your face is a style you only dream of, today is the day to stop dreaming and start doing! The one sided hairstyle is back and more fierce than ever, making appearances everywhere from summer luaus to executive luncheons. Whether you wear it vintage, romantic, or modern – side hairstyles are a show-stopping look that will have all eyes on you.

one side hairstyles

If curls and texture is something you crave, feel free to rock full creative control and go all out for wild, untamed waves. If your hair is right at that cutoff style where not ALL the locks will obey to create your coveted one sided hairstyle secure with plenty of bobby pins a bit of your preferred styling products to ensure your ‘do will stay in tact all night. For an added pop of posh, add a giant flower or glamorous barrette.


hair down hairstyles

Try these voluptuous curls for a stunning wedding hairstyle that blurs the boundaries but half up and all the way down. Curls cascade over one shoulder down the back, creating a soft frame for the face. If you have longer bangs, you can incorporate them into the single side sexy hairstyle. Adorn the exposed ear with a long sparkly earring or your biggest pearl or diamond!

side hairstyles1

Hesitant because you suffer from thin strands? No problem! Give the illusion of fabulous body with a one sided hairstyle by leaning your head upside down and brushing out your locks. Spritz with spray (or a salt water mixture to create wavy texture) place your hair on the desired side and brush out til your ideal amount of volume is achieved. To get this modern look, contrast the textured waves on one side with a super smooth locks on the other. Get the look by using a boar bristle brush and touch of shine serum to prevent flyaways.