Old Hollywood Glamour: Vintage Wedding Hairstyles

Bring some Old Hollywood glamour to your wedding with these vintage wedding hairstyles. These elegant and chic bridal looks combine vintage bridal hats with retro hairdos. The placement of the hair accessory depends on the bridal hat, veil, and hairstyle. These old school hairstyles work with vintage wedding dresses or adds retro glamour to more modern styles.

This wedding hairstyle is made for the vintage hair accessory. The pillbox-inspired bridal hat is worn at a bold angle and balanced by a large victory roll on the opposite side. At the back, long hair is worn in a smooth updo. This old Hollywood look also works for shorter hair. The victory rolls work for medium hair or can be smaller depending on hair length.



This vintage bridal hat with a birdcage veil is worn towards the back of the romantic and glamourous hairstyle. The vintage updo combines rolled bangs, a small victory roll, and a low ponytail. This is a beautiful look for anyone with long thick hair and a love of old Hollywood glamour style inspired by Veronica Lake and Bette Davis.

Pin-up style rolled bangs emerge from under a pillbox bridal hat worn centered on the head. Wearing the bow to the side adds to the asymmetrical feel of this retro look.  Contrary to the name, you don’t need bangs or fringe to get this hairstyle – it simply involves rolling up long hair.