The Mermaid Braid: A New Braid To Try!

There are so many braided hairstyle possibilities!  Try out this mermaid braid for something a little bit different. Variations to play with are a Dutch-style inside-out plait and pigtail braids! If you don’t have this technique in your braiding repertoire, there are more video tutorials available every day. Braid bars are starting to pop up as well, so you can enlist professional help to get started on these braided hairstyles. It’s a great value, because a braid will last several days and you can take braiding techniques to try out at home.

dutch mermaid braid

This combination plait starts out as a classic inside-out Dutch braid and ends as  romantic long mermaid braid. It could even be worn as a side braid. The ribbon woven through the braid accents the artful weaving and the seafoam color accents the golden locks.




2 strand mermaid braid

Pigtails are a fun and flirty way to wear braids. They are sassier and trendier that the school girl variety. Using the mermaid braid technique adds extra oomph to this hot look.

loose mermaid braid pigtails

An easy way to mix up your braids is wear them loose and messy. The tousled look adds and edge and looks extra fabulous for naturally wavy and curly hair. To get the look, braid hair loosely and finish as usual. Then gently tug on each loop form the bottom up to amp up volume and size.

These mermaid braids are a fabulous look for summer! Keep hair in place all day and look fabulous. How cute would these long plaits look streaming in the wind as you ride your bike?