Medium Length Haircuts & Hairstyles

Medium length hair hairstyles are also versatile and easy to manage like long hairstyles. You can find beautiful medium haircuts with layers, bob hairstyles, medium hair with curls, and gorgeous shoulder length hair looks in all our posts! Click below to view a photo gallery!

10 Hot Medium Hairstyles for 2014


 Think all medium hairstyles are the same? Think again! There are plenty of ways to put your spin on this gorgeous length. A few ideas: try playing with texture, adding layers, or rocking some seriously stylish bangs. To get inspired, check out our gallery of 10 hot medium hairstyles for 2014. You just might find your next look! Medium hair is always a good idea. It gives … [Read more...]

3 Medium Length Haircuts for Wavy Hair


 Like any hair type, there are pros and cons of having naturally wavy locks. Humidity may not be your best friend…but hey, you’ve got totally gorgeous texture all year round! When it comes to finding the perfect cut to compliment your hair type, lose a bit of length. Need a little inspiration? These 3 medium length haircuts for wavy hair will help you look your very best.One great … [Read more...]

3 Curly Hairstyles for Medium Hair


Do you love curls? Then embrace them! At every length, curls enhance  your hair with beautiful volume. These 3 curly hairstyles for medium hair are sure to put all eyes on you.One great curly hairstyle for medium hair? The curled bob. If you’ve got a layered bob, amp up the drama by creating tons of curls and volume throughout your hair. This hairstyle looks best on long and oval face … [Read more...]

3 Great Medium Haircuts for Curly Hair


Sometimes the best way to show off your unique curls is to go a little shorter and opt for a lovely medium length 'do that's easy to maintain while still being sassy and cute!If your hair is longer and you're looking to revitalize your look, going shorter (but not too short!) is great for curly hair because your curls remain in tact and also come out to play everyday in a new and carefree … [Read more...]

3 Cute Medium Layered Hairstyles


You don’t need long hair to rock cute, layered styles. In fact, there are tons of medium length hairstyles that will perfectly flaunt your features. Medium styles are great because they let you have a little length – without all the upkeep that long hair requires.So, if you’re ready to look great, try one of these 3 cute medium layered hairstyles. One great medium layered … [Read more...]

10 Cute and Easy Shoulder Length Hairstyles


   Somewhere in between medium and long, shoulder length hair is so cute and easy to wear. The length is versatile, long enough to wear up but simple to wear down.Check out these cute and easy shoulder length hairstyles for 10 different ways to get the look. Add bangs, layers, or a shoulder length bob. … [Read more...]

Medium Length Emo Hair


Wanting one of those hot, choppy indie hairstyles without tons of length? Check out these pictures for 3 ways to wear medium length emo hair!The same fundamentals are true: thick bangs, choppy layers, and lots of angles. For extra credit, add some color! Like hot pink hair or rainbow streaks. Keep reading for shorter ways to get the look!This choppy haircut is a super cool emo haircut. … [Read more...]

Short Bob Hairstyles Pictures


  Bob hairstyles are stylish, flattering, and so easy to wear! Check out these pictures of medium length and short bob hairstyles for lots of gorgeous ways to wear the look! You can add bangs, wear hair on an angle, or get a cool asymmetrical cut!  … [Read more...]

Party Hairstyle for Medium Hair?

Party Hairstyle for Medium Hair

What hairstyle would look best on me for the Reserve Office Trainers Corps Ball in 2 months? I need an updo or party hairstyle for medium hair - it's chin length.- SamanthaHi Samantha,Congratulations on your upcoming ball! For short hair, I love,love,LOVE fingerwaves! They are timeless, very glamorous, and make everyone look like a movie star.Make sure that your stylist knows how … [Read more...]

Medium Hair Photos

10 Cute Easy Hairstyles

  Not too short and not long, medium length hair is just right! Medium is more versatile then you may think. Dress it up with curls, add bold color, or just wash and go!Whether you have fine hair or thick, bangs or no bangs, check out these medium hair photos to find a great look for you!  … [Read more...]