Medium Hair – With Bangs

Medium hairstyles with bangs provide a blank canvas that can be put up, worn down, or totally primped out at a moment’s notice!

There’s so much variety and versatility when it comes to medium length hairstyles. You can always go for a bolder choice and try a cute bob on for size, or if your hair’s more wavy, give it a nice just above-the-shoulders cut to really work with its natural texture.

Whatever you choose and whichever medium hairstyle works for you, the one thing you can always count on is that it’s going to look personalized, unique and ultimately all about you!

Check out below for three beautiful looks for medium hair with bangs!


Talk about young, wild, and free with this medium hairstyle with bangs! If you have hair that’s on the thicker side, add some highlights and work in lots of layers to lighten things up and create movement.

Above, the wispy fringe is a great bang that just blends in with this hairstyle and adds to the layers of dimension.

2013 is the year for medium length hair! This full bodied and layered all over medium hairstyle adds texturize and creates movement. All without losing hair’s body and length.

Add in layers that fall at the nape of your neck (just above the shoulders!) and add a cute fringe that hits just at the eyebrows to really show off those baby blues!

This medium hairstyle establishes great angles throughout the face framing layers. The longer side swept bangs is paired with a shoulder length cut that is layered throughout to keep things fresh.

This is the ultimate hairstyle to try if you’ve been keeping things long lately and are looking to try something new. Add some bold red color to really shake things up!