Long Layered Wavy Hair – No Bangs


These long layered hairstyles for wavy hair are classic and easy to style. These no bangs haircuts eliminate the need to blow dry wavy bangs. Layer remove weight and add height and body, giving waves maximum curl and bounce. These long layered hairstyles will keep wavy hair looking it’s best, especially in summer heat and humidity.  Find the best haircut for your hair, from loose to tight waves.



long loose waves

Layers give maximum curl to these loose waves. The key to making this look work in all seasons is eliminating frizz. To get effortless natural wave, follow these easy steps. After showering, work a leave-in conditioner with anti-frizz through wet hair from roots to ends. To get rid of any excess water without adding frizz, wrap hair in a towel. Remove the towel and let hair air dry.


long wavy hair

Wearing long hair swept to the side adds instant sophistication.  Work with natural texture or get beachy waves  by spraying on salt water and scrunch hair from roots to ends.  Then, pick your best side and pull hair on the opposite one.

Wavy hair is versatile, malleable, and is easy to style. Here, layers create a great shape and keep styling time to a minimum. For these tight waves, rub in a little Moroccan or argon oil to minimize frizz and you’re out the door.

layered wavy hairstyle

Waves or loose curls are always a great look, especially in summer. To get these sexy waves, follow these simple steps. Start by working dry shampoo through hair to boost volume and soak up any oil. Next, warm up some texture balm between palms, and thoroughly work product into hair. Be careful not to overdo the wax because it will weigh curls down. Finally, flip hair upside-down and scrunch hair while spritzing with hair spray or gel. This will seal out frizz and keep hair beautiful and manageable all day.