Hairstyles For Long Hair

Long hair is versatile, and feminine. For that reason hairstyles for long hair are always a popular choice for women! There are an endless number of new looks that you may try out including long hairstyles with bangs, layers, updos, hair half up half down looks, buns, beautiful braids, hair down, as well as easy hair options like ponytails. Check out all our long hair style looks for new inspiration!

Good Haircuts for Long Hair: Celebrities with the Blunt Cut!


 It’s time to let your beauty shine through with a simple – but statement making – haircut. Need an idea? Go blunt. Yes, the blunt cut is perfect for long hair. It gives dramatic flair to long locks...that’s why so many celebrities have been wearing this style lately. Let’s look at some stars sporting the blunt cut. They’re sure to inspire your next trip to the salon! Long hair looks great, but it can take a lot of time ... Get the hairstyle!

10 V-Cut Hair Pictures


 Say goodbye to boring hair once and for all. Yes, it’s time to infuse your locks with a little drama. Enter the V-Cut. This haircut has quickly become popular, buzz worthy, and much sought after. In fact, it is one of the most requested styles at the salon! It involves cutting layers into your hair to create a bold and sexy v-shape at the back. Talk about stunning.So, get your inspiration on with these 10 v-cut hair pictures. ... Get the hairstyle!

5 Layered Hairstyles with Long Layers


 There’s just something about layers. Long, short, and in-between, they always look great! Has your hair been weighing you down lately? Are you ready for something a little different? Then embrace a change that isn’t too dramatic. These 5 layered hairstyles with long layers can help you find that new look you've been craving.There’s a reason layered hairstyles are so popular. The right layers can make your hair feel lighter, look ... Get the hairstyle!

How to Get Kate Middleton Hair


 Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, is striking in so many ways but one of the first thing you notice about her, after her smile and fabulous threads, is her gorgeous and impeccable hair. Is it the color? The layers? The simple yet stunning styles? Yes, yes, and yes but it's also about protecting hair, boosting shine, and deep conditioning.Want to know how to get Kate Middleton hair? Just follow these 3 easy steps!Healthy ... Get the hairstyle!

12 Haircuts for Long Hair


 Long hair is always a good idea. It can be sexy, sweet, or even all depends on how you style it. Long lengths look especially great with layers, different parts, and ultra feminine waves. To make the most of your own long locks - or to grow your hair faster - you'll need to give your hair a little TLC.To see what strong, healthy hair looks like, take a peek at these 12 haircuts for long hair. Once you’re done getting ... Get the hairstyle!

Celebrity Hairstyles with Layers Gallery


 Celebrities always have the best hair (and clothes and bodies and parties...). It's not just the amazing hair color but the actual haircuts that are responsible. A little snip, a little snip there and what do you have - layers! Check out these 10 pictures of celebrity hairstyles with layers for looks that work for straight, thick, and wavy hair. Even better, add a few waves or curls to really showcase those layers and add tons of ... Get the hairstyle!

10 Long Straight Haircuts Pictures


 There is nothing quite as stunning or timeless as long straight hair. This cut is versatile because it can make be fresh and cute or sleek and sophisticated. Whether you’re heading out for a night on the town or you’re just hanging out at home, your hair will always be on point. Even better? This style gives you the opportunity to show off those shiny, healthy locks!Check out this gallery of 10 long straight haircuts pictures to ... Get the hairstyle!

Long Wavy Hairstyles: 3 Ways


Wavy hair is so versatile. No wonder it continues to be such a popular hairstyle choice! It can look romantic and soft, sexy and bold, or fun and flirty…it all depends on how you style it.Get in on this trendy and let your personality shine with one of these long wavy hairstyles: 3 ways! Your hair will thank you.There’s nothing like long, romantic waves to make your hair look super gorgeous and soft. Romantic waves are the perfect ... Get the hairstyle!

3 Hairstyles for Long Fine Hair


Sometimes us girls who have fine hair might feel as though you need to keep your hair on the shorter side in order to keep things voluminous and full of life. Now, that idea is great for some people, but some of us gals just need long hair in order to feel like ourselves.So, check out below for 3 hairstyles for long fine hair that totally take the cake!One hairstyle that's completely on trend this year that can also work to increase ... Get the hairstyle!

Will long straight hair always be in style?


 Isabelle,Will long straight hair always be in fashion for young women?- Thanks, ChrisWell Chris, that's an original question! I can't say I've ever heard that one before. I'm not clairvoyant, but I would bet my money on “no”.Hairstyles are constantly evolving. What is popular one decade, is monstrous the next. In fact during any same year, what is fashionable on one side of the planet, can be shunned on the other. ... Get the hairstyle!

How to Style Long Straight Hair


 Do you sometimes find yourself at a loss when trying to figure out how to style your long straight hair?It may seem like you only have a few options, but there are subtle (yet important!) things you can be doing to pull off different looks everyday (while making things a bit more interesting for yourself!).So, check out the three fabulous photos below for how to style long straight hair!When in doubt, we like to think ... Get the hairstyle!

Layered Haircuts for Long Hair with Side Bangs


Are you looking to change things up a bit (while still keeping most of that length that you've spent oh-so-much time growing)? There's one stylish option we have in mind that will work on just about any hair type - long layered hair with side bangs!The truly great thing about changing up your look with this hairstyle is that it's so complimentary with so many face shapes, there's really no going wrong! So, check out below for 3 great photos ... Get the hairstyle!

Fall 2013 Hair Trends: The Center Part!


Remember when having a center part used to be out? Well, it's back! This fall, there is nothing hotter than wearing a hairstyle with a bold part right down the middle.In fact, it absolutely rocked the fall 2013 runways (and our fave source of style inspiration, the J. Crew catalogue). What does this mean exactly? It has never been easier to look trendy. So, let’s take a look at one of the hottest fall 2013 hair trends: the center ... Get the hairstyle!

10 Long Hairstyles for Teenagers


Dressed up for school or down for the weekend (or the other way around!), long locks couldn't be easier to wear, or more beautiful. Check out these pictures for 10 hot long hairstyles for teenagers!When you take care of hair, styling takes care of itself. For healthy, happy hair invest in regular trims to minimize split ends, indulge in an at home conditioning treatments, and focus on fighting frizz. If this isn't enough for easy to manage ... Get the hairstyle!

Popular Hairstyles 2013 – The Messy Look


One of the most popular hairstyles this year is for us girls out there who like to look great and stay on trend, but who also feel like putting in very little effort! Just in time for back to school!That's right, ladies. Messy hair is in!There are all kinds of ways to wear a messy 'do. Whether you're into a bit of a vintage vibe and enjoy a messy half up beehive look or a messy top knot (that's a cinch to do in the early morning hours!), ... Get the hairstyle!