Long Hairstyles: U-shaped, V-shaped or straight across back?


You do it when you’re trying on jeans, so do it with your long hairstyle too! Turn around, and check out your backside. Which shape do you like the best? Straight across, U-shaped or the V-shape back? This is the easiest way to flatter your rear.


These long lustrous locks are cut straight across at the back. This haircut makes the most of you long hair, keeping all the length and thickness you’re worked hard to grow.

Another great long hairstyle is the U-shaped back. This cut is shorter around the face and curves toward the longest area. Layers around the face are short enough to fall in front of shoulders, hitting at the collarbone and framing the face. The U-shape subtly removes some hair volume while providing lovely shape and profile. The U-shape can be cut as gently or dramatically as you like.

More a more daring and modern long, check out this great V-shaped long hairstyle. This look is great for thick hair, replacing bulk with shape and movement. The dramatic point really emphasizes the length of hair and draws attention to your back.

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