Layers for fine, thin hair?


Hairstyle-StarsIs thin or fine hair good for layers? – Aly

I have thin brown hair that falls just below my shoulder blade/middle of my back and an oval-round shape face. Since my hair is thin I was wondering what style would be good to make it look a little fuller. I want to get layers in my hair but only if it will help. Any suggestions? – Emma


Hello ladies! Layers are a great option for fine/thin hair. Layers remove weight, which adds volume. The only question is, how short to make the layers? As a general rule, the shorter the layers, the more volume. However, the higher up you go with layers, the less hair is left at the bottom. If the bottom of your hair is already sparse, short layers can make it look scraggly.

Essentially, if your hair is fine, but you have a lot of it, go for layers. If you have fine hair, and little of it to begin with, either keep the layers short, or go for layers, but make sure your hair isn’t much longer than shoulder length. Also, keep extensions in mind, They aren’t just for length, they are a great tool for adding volume as well.