Layered Haircuts & Hairstyles

Layered haircuts and layered hairstyles always offer a sexy and lively look whether you go for long hair with layers, a medium length layered haircut, or a short hair look with layers in your bangs. Find your new look today in one of our many layered hairstyle photos!

Celebrity Hairstyles with Layers Gallery


  Celebrities always have the best hair (and clothes and bodies and parties...). It's not just the amazing hair color but the actual haircuts that are responsible. A little snip, a little snip there and what do you have - layers! Check out these 10 pictures of celebrity hairstyles with layers for looks that work for straight, thick, and wavy hair. Even better, add a few waves or curls to really showcase those layers and add tons of ... Get the hairstyle!

What are the types of layers for hair?


  What types of layers are their? How do I know what kind to get that will look good on me? - Bianca  Hi Bianca, That's actually a pretty complicated question! Many people think that there are set kinds of layers. I've had several clients ask for “two” or “three layers”. That would look like two or three Cleopatra wigs of different lengths stacked one on top of another. Layers actually exist in more of a flowing range. Layers ... Get the hairstyle!

Layers for fine, thin hair?


  Is thin or fine hair good for layers? - Aly I have thin brown hair that falls just below my shoulder blade/middle of my back and an oval-round shape face. Since my hair is thin I was wondering what style would be good to make it look a little fuller. I want to get layers in my hair but only if it will help. Any suggestions? - Emma   Hello ladies! Layers are a great option for fine/thin hair. Layers remove weight, which ... Get the hairstyle!

Layered Haircuts for Long Hair with Side Bangs


Are you looking to change things up a bit (while still keeping most of that length that you've spent oh-so-much time growing)? There's one stylish option we have in mind that will work on just about any hair type - long layered hair with side bangs! The truly great thing about changing up your look with this hairstyle is that it's so complimentary with so many face shapes, there's really no going wrong! So, check out below for 3 great photos ... Get the hairstyle!

3 Best Hairstyles for Long Faces


Looking your best means knowing what hairstyles make your features shine. So, always consider your face shape. If you have a long face, there are certain styles that are sure to flatter! Take a cue from you celebrity counterparts Giselle Bündchen, Liv Tyler, and Sarah Jessica Parker with these 3 best hairstyles for long faces. The first flattering hairstyle for a long face? Blunt bangs! This sexy bang style looks great and helps to shorten ... Get the hairstyle!

3 Shoulder Length Layered Hairstyles


Do you find yourself growing a little tired of your hair being all the same length? The good news is that it doesn't take much to change things up a bit. Adding a few layers will make all the difference at every length! Whether your hair is curly, straight, thick or wavy, adding layers can change your whole look. Plus they give hair plenty of movement and definition, which can be great if your hair's been feeling especially lifeless ... Get the hairstyle!

3 Cute Medium Layered Hairstyles


You don’t need long hair to rock cute, layered styles. In fact, there are tons of medium length hairstyles that will perfectly flaunt your features. Medium styles are great because they let you have a little length – without all the upkeep that long hair requires. So, if you’re ready to look great, try one of these 3 cute medium layered hairstyles.   One great medium layered hairstyle is layered hair with bangs. This cute ... Get the hairstyle!

3 Long Layered Haircuts for Straight Hair


Layers, layers, layers...who can get enough? If you’ve got gorgeous long hair, then layers are always a good idea. They can add a little more shape and definition to any cut or style. Do you want to incorporate layers into your look? Here are 3 long layered haircuts for straight hair. Your face should always be the focus. When you have long, straight hair, your face can be overwhelmed by all of those beautiful locks. To bring the focus ... Get the hairstyle!

Undercut Hairstyles for Short & Long Hair


What could be bolder and more on trend than the undercut? This rocker-chic hairstyle adds a ton of personality and femininity to any look! Think you can’t pull off this daring style? Think again. There are so many variations of undercut hairstyles for short & long hair. If you want to add a little punk to your hairstyle, try an undercut for long hair. The contrast between the shaved underside and your long locks will create a glamorous ... Get the hairstyle!

3 Haircuts for Very Long Hair


Let down your hair! Short hair may be chic and trendy, but long hair never goes out of style. When it comes to styling very long hair, there are tons of different options. These 3 haircuts for very long hair are sure to add a little flair to your perfectly long locks. One fun and flirty haircut that will add a little shape and style to your very long hair? Bangs! They will make sure that your very long hair doesn’t overwhelm your face. ... Get the hairstyle!

V-Cut Hair Pictures


  V-cut hair has been one of our most popular posts! Resident stylist Isabelle Faure gives this cut the go ahead for all hair types, including wavy hair. The V-shaped back uses layers and different lengths to  volume, body, and a fabulous profile. ... Get the hairstyle!

Indie Hairstyles


Are you looking to get a bit edgy and really express yourself through your hair? There are all sorts of interesting and fun hairstyles to try that will pair great with a bold pair of eyeglasses and funky wardrobe. All you have to do is be willing to experiment! You don't have to do anything drastic with your hair in order to stand out because it's all really about how you wear it (and what you wear with it!). Check out below for three indie ... Get the hairstyle!

Pictures of Layered Haircuts

Layered Haircuts for Long Hair

  Layered hairstyles are one of the most popular and attractive ways to wear hair of any length! Hair layers add gorgeous body, movement and volume to any haircut, especially for long and thick hair. Check out these pictures of layered haircuts to find one for your long hair! For more photos, check out the best layered hairstyles for 2013!   ... Get the hairstyle!

Emo Hair


Want that edgy rocker-chic emo hair look? Short choppy layers and edgy angled bangs are the key to getting an emo hair style. If you're not ready to commit to chopped-off locks just  yet, try using a styling paste on your tips to get that piecy choppy look and if you love it, go for the real deal! Check out these show three different ways to get that cool and hip emo hair style to get a hot new look! This emo hair look is so fun and ... Get the hairstyle!

Haircuts for Long Straight Hair


Is there a more carefree and classic hairstyle than long straight hair? Hair worn straight down is such a fresh and young look (especially worn with a middle part). For shiny, happy, healthy long straight hair, start with right hair products to keep hair healthy, happy, and shiny. Look for a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner that won’t dry out hair (try these great options from L'Oreal or Its A 10). Next, as much as possible air dry hair ... Get the hairstyle!