Long Layered Hairstyles – V-Shape Cut


Layered hairstyles are a great way add shape, volume, and movement to long hair. There are options for how to incorporate layers at the back as well as at the front.

From the back, three popular choices are cutting hair straight across, U-shaped, and or into a V. For a modern and high impact profile, check out the V-shape cut! The cut works with all of the hottest long hairstyle trends for 2013!

Keep reading for pictures back, front, and side views of V-cut hair.

The V-shape is made of graduated layers up to the shoulders. They keep provide movement and let long locks flow freely.

Shown here with thick straight hair, the V-cut also suits for curly or wavy hair (and is approved and recommended by Hairstyle Stars resident hairstylist Isabelle Faure).

This side view of the V cut shows how the graduated layers work, taking volume from the sides and depth of hair. Getting the V-shape cut also looks great in a ponytail or worn half up.

To keep hair ultra sleek and straight, protect it from styling damage with a heat protectant spray and finish with a shine serum.

This front view of the V-shape cut shows how it provides movement and body. This would also be stunning worn with some beachy waves.

Adding to layers really makes the most of your beautiful long hair!


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