Layered Hairstyles for Long Hair without Bangs

Layered hairstyles are universally flattering, working for all hair types and face shapes. Layers frame the face and add swing and bounce. They are also practical, removing any bulk for an easy to care for and sexy hairstyle. Check out these layered hairstyles without bangs for wavy to curly hair types.

Layered Hairstyles No Bangs 2



This layered hairstyle for wavy hair lets ringlets form without tangling and cascades beautifully down the shoulders.

Layered hairstyles no bangs 1

Layered hairstyles keep long hair flowing freely and ends happy.

Layered Hairstyles No Bangs 3

This layered hairstyle for curly hair uses graduate layers to frame the face while natural curls tumble down the back. The layers also make a great form when putting hair up.