Layered Haircuts for Long Wavy Hair – From Loose to Tight Waves

Layered haircuts make the most of gorgeous long wavy hair. Whether you have loose or tight waves, layers give room for waves to breath and move,  letting hair wave naturally and flow freely.

Check out these naturally wavy haired beauties for some ideas for your layered haircuts for long wavy hair!

For wavy hair, you want long layers. In this haircut, layers start at the chin and get longer from there for lots of volume.

The long layers bringing out natural hair texture while minimizing undesirable frizz. For extra help and to boost natural, use a product like Sunsilk Sea Mist Waves of Envyor Sally Hershberger Glam Waves Texture Spray.


For thick hair, layers add shape, definition, and lots of sexy movement by reducing weight throughout hair. At the back, the layers form the striking V-cut back, adding a defined shape.

Paired with this season’s bright red lipstick, this is effortless beauty and chic. For easy everyday hairstyles, pull hair up into a topknot, a low side bun, or loose braid.

These beautiful ringlets have gorgeous bounce and tons of body thanks to long layers. With a few shorter layers at the hairline the can be worn as bangs, this is a great haircut for long wavy hair.

To keep wavy hair healthy and shiny, try to air dry as often as possible and always use a heat protectant spray, like Redken Smooth Down Heat Glide or a leave-in treatment like CHI Silk Infusionand diffuser when blow-drying.

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