How to Wear the Undercut Hairstyle

The hottest look right now is about taking it off. Whether you wear it with short hair or long, the undercut hairstyle is a bold look that will have all eyes on you. Contrary to what you may think, shaving your head (especially only half) is a ultra feminine. Think Natalie Portman in V for Vendetta. For a more moderate version, try the half shaved undercut!

There are lots of great versions of the undercut hairstyle to choose from. Always the trendsetter, Rihanna was among the first to adopt the look, followed by Kelly Osbourne, Ke$ha, and even pixie trendsetter Ginnifer Goodwin. British supermodel Alice Dellal highlights the contrast between shorn hair and long by keeping the undercut dark while bleaching the rest. Make the look your own by working with natural hair texture, playing with color, or shaving one side or both. Now check out these pictures that show you how to wear the undercut hairstyle!

Even the most fashion forward gals may hesitate at the thought of clippers along the scalp. For a softer and individualized cut that is tailored to suit you, ask your stylist to use a scissors and a razor. The undercut doesn’t have to be super short either. ┬áSarah Harding’s wearable undercut transitions from cropped to long at the back of the head.


undercut hairstyle

The undercut isn’t as much of a commitment as it seems. While you should keep it well maintained while sporting the demi shave, longer hair will easily cover the area if you part it in the center rather than all the way to one side. This works for if you have to go to a conservative event of just dinner at the parents. For short hair, playing with the part also works to mask the hard line of the undercut.

Should you get an undercut hairstyle? It must be worn with attitude! You know you’ve got a great haircut when you’re inspired to go out and get some new clothes to match. This hairstyle trend will have all eyes on you so be sure to match it with a great outfit and fierceness!