How to Style Side Swept Bangs

You may think that there’s only one way to style side swept bangs (just off to the side, right?), but there are many variations for all types of hairstyles!

The side swept bang doesn’t have to be the typical (yet beautiful and flattering for everyone!) shorter in length, brushed and styled off to one side look. You can make your side swept bangs any length you want and really play around with how you want to wear them (depending on the day, your fashion choices and your mood!).

This longer look with ombre hair allows the side swept bangs to be long and luscious and full of curls that help to enhance the unique color variation. By wearing your side swept bangs long and allowing for a little playful mysteriousness with them falling gently over one eye, it helps to accent any of your other formidable fashion and beauty choices for the evening (like this beautiful formal gown!).


Side swept bangs work great for layered hairstyles because it helps to frame the face and really just completes the look by adding more texture and lightness to the front. If you find yourself growing a bit tired of of always having to style your side swept bangs, simply clip them to the side and tuck them under some of your longer face framing layers to create a delicate yet playful look that looks stunning with a bold lip.

Side swept bangs with long wavy or curly hair is a sultry and sexy look due to the contrast between the the longer waves in back and the straight side swept bangs featured in the front. The fullness and body of her wavy hair featured along side a side swept bang that falls at the eyebrow is a great look for everyday and can even be jazzed up with a cute dress for a fun night out on the town.