Braided Hairstyle Ideas: How to Finish a Braid Without an Elastic

The organic braid, or finishing a braid without an elastic, is the hot look for summer. Check out these cute braided hairstyle ideas for how to use this technique with a little side braid. They all have flawless finishes without a hair tie or pin in sight. Whether you wear it as a french braided crown, mini side plait, or forehead braid, one of these braids will suit your hair and personal style.

This cute french braided crown was made popular by Lauren Conrad and has also been seen all over the red carpet on stars from Mary Kate Olsen to Kylie Jenner to Jennifer Aniston. This look is interesting enough to be worn to a special event but cute enough for everyday. The French braid follows the hairline so can be worn with or without bangs. The finishing touch is that this braid is tied without and elastic or hair tie. Read on for how to make this organic braid.

This cute side braid is a different take on the crown braid, starting near the temple as opposed to along the hairline. It is subtle but adds a delightful detail.¬†Getting the braided finish of this organic braid is easy to do. Here’s how:

Loosely divide hair to be braided into three sections. Start braiding hair as usual by but without fully separating the strands at the bottom. Just keep weaving the strands without pulling them through. The hair at the bottom will start to bind together. It may seem like a knot but it’s actually an upside down braid. When the top braid meets the bottom braid, make a loop and pull the lower half through.

This method seamlessly holds braided hair for a polished look that’s perfect for summer. You can use the same technique for a full-size plait like these side braids.

Another fun way to wear a tiny side braid is pull it across the forehead into this adorable hippy braid. Read here for how to make this braided headband with your own hair.