How to Cut Side Swept Bangs

Want to try out new types of bangs without a visit to the salon? Here’s how to cut side swept bangs! In addition to some sharp scissors, you will need patience, a steady hand, and the correct technique. The key to getting the length and angle you want is to cut hair dry. Another tip is to cut bangs extra long and go shorter and try different angles as you gain confidence and skill with cutting bangs yourself at home. These side swept fringe pictures show how there are many variations – from wispy to curly to full. Keep reading for three ways to wear the look and a how to cut side swept bangs tutorial.

Start by parting hair to one side (tip: line up the part with the arch or one eyebrow). Now sweep bangs to the side the way you want them to lie and then comb them forward over your forehead before cutting. Use your fingers to find where to cut the fringe – where it sits to the side will be different to when it is hanging straight down. Pick out key points on your face so you can connect the dots when you cut – from mid eye to mid cheek to the bottom of the earlobe for example.


To begin cutting, hold the scissors at the brow with the tips pointing down towards the nose. Then cut vertically, snipping choppy pieces while moving downwards at an angle from the eye to the opposite ear. This vertical cut will add flattering texture that works well with bangs worn swept to the side. Don’t worry about getting the lines perfect because the choppy cute will hide any errors.

To ensure you’re happy with the results start by cutting hair longer than you actually want. Carpenters say measure twice, cut once but fortunately you can cut hair more than once. Try cutting bangs from the cheekbone to the jawline and wear it for a week to see how the fringe lies and works with your everyday hairstyles. You can keep refining the cut as you gain more skill with the technique and figure out the exact shape and angle of side swept bangs that works for you. Now, enjoy your new look!