How To Curl Hair – 3 Ways

Want luscious bouncy curls? Here, we show you how to curl hair – 3 ways! While curling your hair for the first time can be tricky, practice makes perfect and pretty soon you’ll be a perfectly curly haired stylist and your friends will be asking you to give them tips!

While so many people have different tips and tricks, we’ll show you 3 ways to curl hair that will give you those big sexy curls and become a quick part of your hair-styling regimen (with a little practice, you can get curls in almost no time).



Do you think of 1950s housewives sitting under those dome hair dryers? Well, hot rollers aren’t just a thing of the past. Hot rollers are easy to use, once you get the hang of them, and give you voluminous curls with minimal styling damage.

Some people prefer curling hair with hot rollers to using a curling iron. Here’s why:


  • Hot rollers give a looser curl which translates into more volume.
  • They don’t get as hot as curling irons so causeĀ less styling damage.
  • Hot rollers work on hard to curl hair, usually thin or fine hair.
  • Hot rollers take less active styling time but more time overall.
  • And last, you can get uniform curls all over the head.


  • Learning to use hot rollers can take a few tries (check out all the great video tutorials out there to get more tips).
  • The size of curls depends on the hot rollers.
  • Hot rollers take up more storage space.

How to curl hair with hot rollers:

1. With dry hair and starting at the base of your head (close to your neck), separate hair into sections. The section should be thin and the width of the hot rollers you are using.
2. Roll the rollers away from your face and secure with pins or clips.
3. Leave hot rollers in your hair for at least 20 minutes (the longer you leave them, the tighter the curls will be and the longer they will last).
4. Gently remove the rollers starting from the bottom.
5. Run fingers through the curls carefully and spray with hairspray to make them last. If you want curlier curls, don’t touch them or if you want loose messy curls, detangle them a little bit.

Recommended hot rollers to try:


Getting your first curling iron is like a rite of passage. Since they became popular, curling irons have made a lot of progress with ceramic versions, clipless options, and the latest wands.

Almost every woman makes use of this trusty styling tool and with gorgeous results. If you want almost instant curls with complete control, the curling iron is for you.


  • Curling irons heat up in a few minutes.
  • Big curls, tight coils, ringlets, tendrils. The curling iron easily styles many types of curls.
  • If you’re in a hurry or just touching up hair, you can curl as much, or as little hair, as you like with a curling iron.


  • Curling irons are hot hot hot! Hair scorching hot! To prevent hair damage, avoid the hottest setting and use a heat protectant spray.
  • All that control over curls also means more arm tiring styling, especially if you’re curling all your hair.
  • Even with the large barrel curling irons, curls are smaller and therefore have less volume.

Curling Iron:

1. Start with dry hair and separate hair into four sections–secure the extra sections so they’re out of the way until you need them.
2. Using 1-2″ pieces of hair and starting at the tips of your locks, start by giving the section a quick spritz of hairspray, and have the curling iron facing out (with the clamp forward) and rotate inwards (away from your face)
3. After holding each section in the iron for 3-5 seconds, unwind carefully, and give each section another spritz

Best Curling Irons:


Did you know you can get those Victoria’s secret curls with just a round brush? If you don’t want to buy a styling tool, grab your trusty round brush and get to it!


  • No new styling equipment, assuming you already have a round brush and hairdryer.
  • Soft, natural curls.
  • Easy to control heat and curls.


  • Hair can get tangled.
  • Not as long lasting.
  • Takes some practice to perfect.

Blowdry with a Round Brush:

1. Starting with damp hair (about 75% dry) divide hair into 3-4 sections and clip them out of the way, leaving the bottom section loose.
2. Using a medium to large brush, brush out sections of hair (to fit the width of the brush) and curl inwards (towards your face)
3. Pointing the hairdryer (use the narrow attachment on the hairdryer if you have one) at the root of your hair, move the brush outwards to uncurl and re-curl the hair on the brush.
4. Once each section is dry, blast with cold air to seal the curls, and unroll from the brush carefully.
5. Continue with the bottom of hair and work through the top sections. Finish with hairspray and you’re set!

Best Hair Dryers

Enjoy those beautiful curls!