Half Up Hairstyles

Learn how to wear your long hair half up, perfect hairstyles for a special occasion like a wedding, or an evening out on the town!

Half Up Half Down Hair: 5 Easy Looks


  Are you sick of sporting the same old hairstyle day after day? Then it’s time to add a little flair to your look! One simple way to do that is to wear a half up half down style. There are so many ways you can change it up…which means you’ll never get bored. If you’re searching for some hair inspiration, keep reading for 5 easy half up half down hair looks. Our first easy half up half down hairstyle? A front side braid. This ... Get the hairstyle!

3 Simple and Cute Summer Hairstyles 2013


Summer always goes by too quickly...so don't waste a minute on elaborate hairstyles. With the heat and outdoor activities, you want to keep things simple while looking your best. Check out these 3 pictures of cute summer hairstyles 2013! Keep in mind that exposure to the sun can be damaging on hair in addition to skin. More and more products offer UV protection in addition to hold, like Redken UV Rescue Protective Oil Smoother. To combat sun ... Get the hairstyle!

Indian Wedding Hairstyles – Half Up


Indian wedding hairstyles show off shiny long hair and complement gorgeous traditional wedding accessories. Half up half down hairstyles are a beautiful way to do both. This gorgeous Indian wedding hairstyle pulls hair back with a touch of volume. A touch of bangs is parted in the middle, providing a perfect resting place for the blue maang tika. Half up hairstyles are perfect for Indian brides as well as the wedding party. ... Get the hairstyle!

3 Quick and Easy Hairstyles Long Hair


Sometimes we tend to get into a bit of a routine with our hair. Especially if you have long hair, at times it's just easier to throw it up in a ponytail in the morning or to do the easy beachy waves thing. The really great part about having long hair though is that there are tons of quick and easy hairstyles that will help you to shake things up a bit but also won't take forever to do in the morning! Keep reading to check out 3 quick and ... Get the hairstyle!

Bridesmaid Hair


Being a bridesmaid in a family or friend's wedding is an honor and a responsibility. It's such a crucial time (filled with lengthy to-do lists, tastings and appointments galore!) so we've come up with three beautiful, timeless and easy bridesmaid hair looks that will look great with any dress (and will keep any bride happy too!). Check out below for three gorgeous bridesmaid hairstyles! Loose curls are a bridesmaid's best friend on the ... Get the hairstyle!

Braided Headband


The braided headband is a beautiful and ethereal look! Tiny braids instantly glam up a casual or bohemian outfit but can also add a hint of magic to a more fancy night out. For the three braided headband looks below, it's all about adding the perfect little hair accessory (without really adding anything at all!). Your braided headband is the ultimate hair accessory because you don't need anything but a little bit of practice and patience to ... Get the hairstyle!

Half Up Half Down


Looking to switch up your hairstyle? Opt for a cute half up half down look! Great for anywhere - the office, a wedding, a party - and for any texture or length of hair. Half up hairstyles are easy to style and can be worn in so many different ways. Check out these half up half down pictures to get inspired! This half up half down hairstyle shows off super sleek straight locks for a seamless look. This look could easily go straight from the ... Get the hairstyle!

Vintage Hairstyles – Half Up Half Down


Everything comes back in style - just look at vintage hair! No other hairstyles are as in-demand. Vintage hairstyles – half up half down, are becoming increasingly popular for weddings and formal events. These styles are the perfect way to add sophistication to any look! Whether you have a formal event to attend or want to glam up date night, these styles are timeless and elegant. Victory rolls are a versatile hairstyle that won't go ... Get the hairstyle!

Half Up Curly Hairstyles


Amp up the romance with these half up curly hairstyles! There are lots of ways to add curls to half up half down hairstyles. From all over curl to ringlet tendrils, get the look with as much or as curl as you want to add. Check out these pictures of half up curly hairstyles for three different and gorgeous ways to wear this look. This curly half updo coifs volume at the crown into swoops that complement this coiled look. This stunning look ... Get the hairstyle!

More Easy Half Up Hairstyles


Look great in no time with these easy half up hairstyles! Whether you're looking for a wedding hairstyle, everyday look, or something for a date night, these half up half down hairstyles are flattering and comfortable. Pulling hair half off the face is the best of both worlds, showing off lustrous locks and drawing attention to the face. Check out these pictures of half up hairstyles to find your best look. The easiest way to add something ... Get the hairstyle!

Cute Everyday Hairstyles


These half up hairstyles are super cute and easy to style everyday! Whether you need a great look for work, school, or the weekend, these easy half up half down hairstyles will have you looking your best in no time. Follow these tips to keep hair looking smooth and frizz free all day. If you have the time, air dry hair after blotting it with a towel to remove as moisture as possible. Don't roughen up wet hair - it can damage locks and cause ... Get the hairstyle!

The Hair Bow Worn Half Up


The hair bow is a fun and fabulous hairstyle for every day. It's totally easy to style, check out this how to make a hair bow tutorial. Ladie Gaga usually wears her hair bow up high but another great way to wear this look is as part of a half up hairstyle. Check out these half up hair bows! Wearing the hair bow with half up hairstyles make the look even easier. You can make the bow out of your own hair or some extensions if you need some ... Get the hairstyle!

Vintage Hairstyles for Long Hair


Vintage hairstyles for long hair are still a show-stopping look. These pin-up worthy looks were worn by stars then and still are, seen in variations on Dita Von Teese, Katy Perry, and Gwen Stefani. Retro looks can be worn girl next door or on the more sassy side. These victory rolls worn half up half down are a great way to get the hang of retro hairstyles. Check out these pictures of vintage hairstyles for long hair to find the look for your ... Get the hairstyle!

Easy Half Up Hairstyles


Hair worn half up is the best of both worlds - cascading long locks with hair pulled off the face. F0r romantic looks that work for everyday, try one of these half up half down hairstyles. These half up looks work for all hair types - wavy, straight, curly, medium, and long. Now check out these pictures of easy half up hairstyles that will have you looking gorgeous in no time! These easy half up hairstyles are so easy to style! Part your ... Get the hairstyle!

Cute Hairstyles for Medium Hair: Half Up Half Down


For a cute hairstyle for medium hair, try these half up half down looks. These half updos with curls are perfect for a date, prom, or even a wedding. Style your medium hair vintage, classic, or totally flirty. Check out these pictures of cute half up half down hairstyles for medium hair to find the look for your next special event! For a vintage-inspired look, add finger waves to your half up half down hairstyle! With a deep side part and ... Get the hairstyle!