Half Up Braided Hairstyles

different way to rock braids is in a half up half down hairstyle! These half up braided hairstyles give you a hot braided look while showing off long locks. There are lots of plaits to work with. Check out these half up braided hairstyle pictures to find a hot look for your hair.

crown braid4

These small braids worn tied together at the back is a romantic and carefree look. There are two ways to get this look. The easy way is to part hair, separate out a small section of hair from above each ear and begin braiding. At the back, the plaits can be braided together. Alternatively, French braid the small plaits, taking in small sections of hair around the braid.

side crown braid

There are lots of ways to incorporate braids into hairstyles. French braiding hair behind the ear is a subtle and intriguing way to get a half up braided hairstyle. The rest of hair is worn down in a side ponytail.



half up braided hairstyle

Highlight your braided crown by wearing it in a half up hairstyle. The side crown braid becomes the focal point of the hairstyle, weaving gorgeously into naturally curly hair worn to the side and over the shoulder.