Hairstyles for Thick Straight Hair

Thick hair can really be blessing in disguise – if you know how to manage it and pick the proper hairstyle. Having naturally thick straight hair is  often the shiniest and healthiest of hair out there (if you leave it to its own natural beautiful devices!). So work with the thickness to discover a great new hairstyle that will work wonders on your straight long hair.

Check out 3 pictures of great hairstyles for thick straight hair below!

hairstyles for thick hair

If you’re looking to add a bit of body and wave to your straight thick hair, it may be time to grab the curling iron! Not over done in the slightest, all you need to do is grab your heat protectant spray and just work in a few subtle waves that will only help to enhance the natural thickness of your straight hair. Adding a side swept bang will only help to reduce any bulk or unwanted weight from the front to create a more uniformed look.

For medium length thick straight hair, layers are a girl’s best friend. Starting at about chin length, the layers multiply all the way down past the collar bone. What this has done is create texture and movement and ultimately lightened things up so the natural bulk of thick hair doesn’t allow her hair to appear shapeless.

For extra long hair, this last look is all about long layers that will only help to “lighten the load”. If you have thick straight hair that’s extra long in length (and you want to keep it that way!), then simply go through and texturize with long layers. Different length layers maintain that natural and thick body, but you’ll also find that your hair will  just open up and feel lighter.